I'm not talking about 'Site Comments' here.

But rather the 'give and take' comments thread.

If you leave a link back to your site in that thread - Google will know about it (you can see in Search Console).

But does Google know that you are specifically asking for comments?

Furthermore, would this be considered blackhat SEO?

Potentially falling into the same realm of paying for backlinks?

Or, if you have a WA review on your site - reciprocal linking?

Could any of this result in a Google pentaly/lower rankings?

Input appreciated.


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Carson Premium Featured Comment
Hi Dan,

The answer is NO. The origin of comments is unknown to Google, and asking for comments is perfectly fine and acceptable. Many people say "leave me a comment below", or "ask your questions below", which is great. Google loves discussion, and comments that are received here through the WA SiteComment platform are just the same - in Google's eyes or any visitor to your website's eyes, they are identical.

A comment is a comment and it's a great one if it's relevant and adds quality to your content :)

djriver Premium
Cool. thats good to know.
I've kind of held back exchanging comments cause of all the bad things I've read about link exchanges etc. Google seems so scary sometimes lol.
Thanks for clarifying.
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djriver Premium
I've wondered the same thing. I'm glad you asked. I've also wondered about the 'sitecomments' part of WA and not just the give and take area. I've bee afraid to ask cause I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to be contrary or anything. I'm a little afraid to use them since I know Google keeps track of people sharing things from the same network or host etc.

I was hoping someone could explain how it works, for example, "where" it shows the comment coming from.