I selected a theme and it has horrible speeds for the default pages and I haven't even added content. Is there a way to go back and select a theme that I put in favorites (during training - website builder) without deleting the whole website and starting over?

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TheCatherine Premium Plus
you can and will change your theme many times before you find one you like
CurArius Premium
Thank you for the link.... :)
davehayes Premium
Treadstone02 has a good answer, which echoes what I would have said
Treadstone02 Premium
HI 2 you, in short you can chanage your website theme from the Wordpress menu to the left. The changing of a theme works around your content and website, all is intact and once your theme is up and changed you may have to tweak a few things.

I've done it a few times when Looking back and wanting to revamp what I'd got already. Read about my Feng Shui mood I had.