I was just chatting with a Canadian WA Member who mentioned that the renewal rates for Canadian WA members are exorbitantly expensive. In an effort to help out a fellow Member, Can someone from Canada please lemme know:

Is there a Black Friday Special Renewal Rate for Canadian Members?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Charles,

The exchange rate can be extremely different at times. During the lockdown it has been at its worse. However, my membership here is renewed every year under the Black Friday special (sign up once and you get it automatically EVERY year that it is available).

Perhaps it is the exchange rate that someone described as being exorbitantly expensive. But that is NOT the fault of WA.

Hope this make sense.
MarionBlack Premium
The price is the same for everyone wherever they are in the world. Most stuff we buy online, including WA membership, is in US dollars so the differences in price are because of the currency exchange rates which vary from day to day.

I'm in Australia but most of my online income is in US dollars so when I convert my profits into cold hard Australian cash I benefit from the exchange rate.
chowie Premium
Thank you Marion!

The Canadian member who sent me the screenshot was under the apparently incorrect assumption that the prices were in US$,

So, I really appreciate your clear response, which makes perfect sense now because the current exchange rate is 1US$ = 1.39CAD.

Gratefully & Respectfully Yours...

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Charles ... good question and all questions are good ones here ...

when i first started on line, i asked about the use of the USD as the currency ... the answer I got was that anything transacted on the internet defaults on the use of the US dollar ... so all other currencies need conversion to it ... that's why every country would have a different rate usage .... and so it goes ...

like you, I like to get the source or origin of anything for clarity and in this case, the best I got was that it was based a decision made back last century during the mid-80s or something to that effect ...

and if anyone stumbles across the original record of decision of how the US dollar got tagged as the internet currency ... then please kindly share it with the rest of us here ....

.... that's my 28 cents worth today ... keep well .... :)
Firefli20 Premium
Yes we pay 70.00 a month. While US rates are 49.00 a month.
greensail Premium
It is not only Canadian's Charles,
Kiwis, Australians, South Africans and a few others, are all paying up to half as much again on the yearly or monthly subscription. 40% more for Australians at this point in time.
I am pretty sure, New Zealanders and South Africans would be worse than that
chowie Premium
Thanks Michael. It would've been nice if Kyle actually paid attention to my SPECIFIC question and acknowledged the same fact that you just did so kindly & eloquently.

Gratefully & Respectfully Yours...