What are backlinks and how can they benefit my rankings?

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KatieMac Premium
think I only have one of those, do not think they have big impact on your rankings, but them I do not know that much about it
CharlotteH39 Premium
ok...thanks guys. someone suggested it for better ranking, but had to bring it to the WA community first before I did anything. doesn't sound like much a big deal to me, so won't worry about it!!!
masamir Premium
The best back links are .gov and .edu
Jaweda2k Premium
They use to be a big part of getting ranked, however it is not the case now as I understand it. According to what I have seen I do not worry about them.
Fourtuna Premium
Hi Charlotte, back links are a link from another website pointing at your website. They tell Google how popular you are, Hope this helped.