I'm facing a dilemma here as to whether I should opt automatically or not on the purchase renewal? Suggestion?

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Kalani Premium
They will remind you when it's time to renew if you choose to turn off the auto renewal.
TJamil Premium
Thanks all, I've made my decision to renew just to be safe.
MannyM Premium

I guess it all depends on how you manage everything. If you can remember to go back a year later and renew it before it expires then I would not worry about it. However, if you live a busy life just like a lot of us do, then chances are you will forget to renew it and risk losing the name.

I would set it to renew on it's own if you can afford it and if it is a inexpensive domain name. If it is a premium name i would do whatever it takes to keep it so you can sell it later on if you wish.
steveo5770 Premium
You'll get a ton of emails the month before it expires so you won't forget if you decide to renew it.
tommydillard Premium
I never auto renew that way i have the control if i want to keep it or not.