Hey, I want to start afresh with my iwanttoleavemyjob.com website. Are you able to create me a dummy site so I can work on that before I move it across to my existing site?

Regards, as always.


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AbieAJ Premium Plus
You can do that yourself,

I go to Site Builder


Choose a free domain, domain you own or register new, enter credentials and follow procedure.

Tutorial I hope this helps.
jghwebbrand Premium
You have 2 options
1) Use your steirubix.com website if it's not in use or create a subdomain for main domain.
https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/domains scroll to bottom of page to "add subdomain". After creating it make sure you have settings-> reading set to :"discourage site engines from crawling"..

You can contact Site support to COPY (nor move)) your main site into one of the above options.
here's the link to contact site support.

When you are done you can ask Site Support to COPY your temporary site back to your main site. This is such a great featuire,