So, during the training a came across a list of things we are allowed to put in our blogs that we post on WA. One of those things listed was our website. I just wanted to confirm this with more experienced users so I can avoid getting in any trouble here.
Thank You

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codevonish Premium
Interesting question.I have been suspecting negative vibes when I comment on my website without even sharing URL.my website is about my art and I wonder if it is viewed as spam.is there a fine line?
MikeC69 Premium
If you are requestiing comments, in the comment request area there is nothing looked at as spam there sir.

By the way I have left you a couple of comments, and think your art is really cool !
Triblu Premium
Hey Aaron,

The best place to share your website URL(s) is in the Follow Me on section of your profile, like you already have (see 1st screen print below).

Blogging on WA is for sharing information you want to share with other members and not to simply drive traffic to your website.

TIP: The more interesting and helpful you make the information you share blogging here at WA, the more chances that your blog may attract a new starter member to WA. Then you would gain credit for that referral!

As for feedback on your website, there are 2 areas for that you would find most helpful, I'm sure... and they are as follows:
1.) 2.) https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/website-feedback (see 2nd screen print below to see how to access this option readily)

Hope this helps you.
nathaniell Premium
I would just like to clarify the answer here, since there seems to be some confusion and misinformation below.

YES, it is OK to mention your website in your WA blog. WA is a community about getting help with your website, and there's nothing wrong with asking questions about it, or sharing an example of what you did to teach others.

The line is drawn at self promotion, or taking members away from WA for the purposes of driving traffic to your website.

For example, if I have a website about powertools and want some feedback on my affiliate page with promotion for a dewalt drill, I can ask the community questions about that page, with a link to the page.

I'm not trying to sell a drill to anyone in WA, so the link is fine. I'm not asking WA members to get interested in powertools or share my website with their social media followers.

An example of when NOT to share is if I have a website about how to make money online and I share my landing page with a promotion for a "business opportunity" or a form for signing up to an email list". If I blog in WA about this great way to make money online, but you have to go to my website to see how it works, that's a big no no.

For one, my motivation is getting people to my website just to get traffic and sales for myself. Secondly, I'm trying to get people to spend money on stuff, and the community is promotion free.

There will be some grey areas when people doing "Affiliate Bootcamp" want feedback on their website or questions about stuff and want to share their blog post or page within WA to get said feedback or show examples of the problems they are having.

The best way to navigate this area is to just be explicit about your intent. Write a disclaimer or something saying that you want help for [insert specific reason] and that although the page is promoting a product, you are not asking members to sign up.

That's just one example of navigating that grey area, and if your site isn't promoting 'biz ops', then you won't run into this issue really.

One last thing I see from time to time is the "Go here for more information" type blog post in WA. If your website is about weight loss, you shouldn't blog in WA about weight loss and then link to your website so that WA members can learn how to lose weight. Your WA blog is for talking about your online business. Again, to reiterate, it's totally OK to post a link to your website as long as the context is what Wealthy Affiliate is about. i.e. learning how to build an online business. If you are posting a link for self promotion, then it's not OK.

Hope this helps!
Steven-A Premium
well said (or written). good job
Johnpavich Premium
Thank you for the specific info !
pmcdow Premium
Wow thats a mouth full but I think I learned some out of that. I really like all of the support here at WA....
anusuya1 Premium
Some people have their website listed on the right-hand bottom corner. I have seen many sites.

You can not promote your own product. I read that as a rule though.
chief14nj Premium
thanks everyone for that information, just goes to show you, you learn something new every day here at WA :)
AlexMi Premium
It would considered as promotion which is against the rules. Probably, most of us would love to mention their website in front of such huge audience.
Bonfan Premium
oh so going back in the training module it was in the SHARE instructions. It was saying it was ok to share: and then it listed 6 or so things that can be shared. Anyway, glad I asked.
JosonInc Premium
Hello Aaron ! Please click on your Profile picture in WA Dashboard. Click MyProfile > Scroll all the way down till you see Follow Me On on the right side of the page > Click Edit links . add your links... Hope this helps.

ellford Premium
Thanks for sharing that as I too didn’t know how to add your site URL to your profile... Two thumbs up for that!!
Bonfan Premium
thank you for the reply
enstinemuki Premium
I never knew this too so thanks for pointing it out.
So finally where do we see others' links set at this point?
I do not find them on the profile page
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Grace, below has it correctly. All this is covered in the rules under "no spam allowed".

Tried and True

HowardJaros Premium
This may also help Aaron:
Bonfan Premium
Thank you for the reply
littlemama Premium
No you can't, you can only link to your site under your profile under the "Follow Me" section.
Bonfan Premium
thank you for the reply