Within WA, are there 'Groups' or 'Communities' that have similar interest & get together [meet-ups] for information exchange or collaborate?

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MarionBlack Premium
WA is one big focus group of people with similar interests; starting a website and learning affiliate marketing. Meetup.com probably has interest groups in your area, I'm a member of our local WordPress Meetup.
KatieMac Premium
WA is just one community however there is nothing to stop your writing a post and asking if there are members within your area with similar interests, so members arrange their own meetups
jvranjes Premium
If there are, they will not let you know unless you are invited. Formally there are no such things.
wb5yjs Premium
So, how do we discover the Topics available & how do we get invited or how do we setup our own?
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - you could setup a facebook group - or a "circle" within G+. I'm sure you can control who is allowed to join such groups.

In FB - you'll see a "Create Group" in the left hand menu.

All the best, Mark