Regarding Amazon affiliate, I know that if visitor to one's website clicks on a link to Amazon and puts an item in Amazon shopping cart and then purchases it within 90 days, then there's a commission.

However, I'm not clear whether the item would have to stay in the Amazon shopping cart to be eligible for commission? That is, what if the item is transferred from shopping cart to "Save For Later" on Amazon? Would the item then still be considered in the shopping cart and thus be eligible to receive commisson?

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JerryMcCoy Premium
You probably will not get a commission until the item is purchased.
JeannineC Premium
I'm not an Amazon expert, but the key would be the cookie period. I suspect that if the Save for Later goes onger than 90 days, you wouldn't receive the commission. Amazon is not generous with their cookies.
BooBish Premium
Actually, my question wasn't regarding the time period but regarding putting an item in the shopping cart versus putting item in shopping cart AND then saving it for later.

That is, I'm not clear whether or not saving an item on Amazon for later would be considered the same thing as putting it in shopping cart. (Saving it for later is an extra step in addition to putting it in shopping cart.)
Triblu Premium
Hey Jean,

You need to be sure to read over the Amazon rules: and be sure to follow them.

For all things Amazon, you need to sign into your Associate account and click on Contact, where you can reach out to their technical support staff to as about Amazon technicalities.

Their support staff are super helpful on all things related to being an affiliate with them.

Hope this helps you.
BooBish Premium
Well, I just thought maybe someone here has a quick answer.

Right, the most reliable way is to check out their website page and/or contact Amazon directly regarding Amazon affiliate issues.