Just looking for some info. about CKit. They have a 30 day Lead Page challenge for free. Looks legit and good information to me. Thanks in advance.

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lakbar12 Premium
Ive used them and three other autoresponders. Coverkit is really easy to use, they have excellent support, and Facebook groups that are helpful but some things I didnt like is they can not integrate with everything. There are not too many landing or sign up forms.

I can only assume thats why leadpages is mentioned sometimes when their advertised.

I had to integrate CK to my blog with html code and not API code. I know some autoresponders dont require HTML code instead they use API. I dont know if there is a benefit but it may be useful information to you.
GlenPalo Premium
I have been using ConvertKit for a year. Their email automation and subscriber segmentation are good. This lets you personalize the email sent to subscribers based on their interests. The email templates are limited, which I don't mind because I prefer basic emails. ConvertKit provides a variety of forms. But design options are limited. They are doing a 30-day landing page challenge as they just rolled out landing page templates (finally).
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks Glen. As if I am not spread thin enough, I see the word "challenge" and "free" in the same sentence count me in. Gonna do the challenge and always have Aweber (brilliant WA minds choice) to fall back upon.
JonLake Premium
I have been using Convertkit for about a year. I also use Aweber. Quite easy to use but there are a few cons.
Since GDPR last May they now have a very annoying pop up for your prospective opt ins. In my opinion it puts some people off subscribing as it makes too many hoops to jump through. Also the form templates are quite limited.
Hope that helps
ExpatMark Premium
I thought the templates very limited also, but do not need one immediately, so going to do their little 30 day challenge. Should learn something.

cramervod Premium
They are legit and are designed to be very user-friendly.
FKelso Premium
Sorry -- haven't heard of it.