I have found several LOCAL Facebook Groups, buying & selling stuff in my town. They post all kinds of items & make arrangements to meet with local people to buy & pick up the items.

Are any of you folks using this procedure?

I would like to get some advice on how it works.

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WilliamBH Premium
I use Buy and Sell Groups a lot to promote certain business and services. The best way is to just try a Post on one and see how it works.

You can either Post a specific item for sale or, if promoting a business service, I use the Discussion Tab.

If you have a more specific question please reply to my comments with it.

Cheers, William.
wb5yjs Premium
I want to sell items like woodworking tools (table-saw, etc.) to local people.

Creating the post is what I need help with.
I know I need photos & descriptions.
Can I take the photos with my i-phone?
Can I then send those photos to my Evernote address & add
the description & then upload all that to the FB Group as the
I see post with several photos. How do they get more than one
photo in their post?

The Groups have Rules of things not to do but I can't find anything like a tutorial of the best way to do things. I tried to
find such a tutorial on YouTube but had no success.

Procedures for how to create the post is what I need.

Thanks for your reply & willingness to help.

Wally Wiki
Triblu Premium
Hey Wally,

This is exactly where Google comes in really handy.

Here are 2 different video to show you how to upload multiple photos on a Facebook post:

By Google searching for answers to your other questions you may find several options suggested, so I will leave those answers up to you to discover.
WilliamBH Premium
I located one on YouTube but the ink is not acceptable here on WA. I used the search "creating an ad on a facebook buy and sell group" .. all my photos are from iPhone .. I do not use Evernote. I just use Notes and copy/paste with the original pics. You could make a collage using an app. My suggestion is look at the video, then try a trial post and delete it. Learn my doing.

Trish has also given you some good guidelines.

Cheers, William.