I understand how to create and put content into my website as well as linksind reviews but what I'm curious about is is that one website just for that one particular Niche or do you add more onto one one side and then just categorize them?

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JKulk1 Premium
At this stage I would stick to the training Shawn. I'd start with one niche, one website. As you Go through the training you will find out more about sub domains etc. In the meantime I think Kevin has you covered. jim
Kevin018 Premium
Hi Shawn, Great to have you here and connect
That's up to you Shawn. You can easily expand on the Niche if you keep the common thread valid, or branch out into others that may be valid, however, I most definitely prefer keeping the content Niche-specific and creating a new site to expand into a different one. I would always explore the niche I am in to cover all aspects of it first before starting another though.
Have fun !!

ChrystopherJ Premium
I'm not sure if I follow you. You have one website per niche and one niche website will have many posts and reviews.