Is there anyone get rejected by Amazon based on invalid URL?
It's so hard to get 3 sales in Amazon. I've finally got the 3 qualifying sales that they requested. Now they reject my application based on invalid URL.

I don't have any problem accessing my website listed below:

Below are the email that was sent by Amazon.


Upon review, we are unable to accept your application because we were not able to view your site. This is due to one or more of the following reasons.

- Your website was unavailable to be viewed by the public or requires a password
- The server response was too long and the browser timed out
- The URL provided was invalid
- The site was either under construction or not yet published

When reviewing an application, we need to have a valid URL for your web site so that we can view it to be sure it fits in with our program. Unfortunately, we are not able to review an application once it has been rejected. Once your site has been developed further to be visible, and contain beneficial content, you are welcome to submit a new application at the following URL:

Need some advice on how this can be done. I don't wish to be rejected again based invalid URL. This is frustrating.


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Jianquan Premium
I just got a reply from the Site Support.
Looks like there is an issue on the server that leads to the inaccessible issue.
mackiejw Premium
No problem to access your site from the beautiful Pacific Northwest -:)

Jianquan Premium
Thanks for the confirmation John :)
MarionBlack Premium
I can't access your website at all and this test shows that it takes 60 seconds to load nothing
Jianquan Premium
That's weird.
Pingdom says that it is able to access it in 5.6s.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
loaded up fine for me too. Did you send them a link, or was it just the website name in the application. If not a link, then they may have added the www. by mistake. Sorry don't know the answer, just trying to offer something to consider,
Jianquan Premium
Thanks for confirming on my website.
I've sent an email to Amazon, hopefully they are able to revert the decision.