If I'm excepted by amazon for their affiliate programme, does it cover world wide, or do I have to apply in each country, ie,,. Com,. Co.uk and. In?

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you need to apply to each individual Amazon that you are interested in. You then make use of their OneLink tool, which directs people to their correct country.

However, as Vicki has said, at this stage you need to concentrate on adding content to your website. Amazon insists that you make 3 sales within 180 days, or you will be removed from their program. That isn't easy if you don't have any traffic.
Vickic3 Premium
I would wait until you have some content on your website before applying and once you do this and apply to Amazon, you can get a 1 link that is worldwide
RitchAbility Premium
This is good advice wait until you have a website up and running xxx