Went to create a new Amazon affiliate account, as last one had lapsed. So used new details.

However it says something like i need a completed site?

None of our sites are complete we are always adding and working on them?

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ContentBySue Premium
I have a few completed pages on my site and only three posts but still I was approved by Amazon. Maybe it was because I have signed up for an associates account a few different times. I agree, Mark, none of our sites are complete. They are always a work in progress.
Loes Premium
Before you apply for Amazon, you need to have at least 10-15 post on your website, under that amount you will be declined
MarkPerkins Premium
Thanks for that
Redsedge Premium
Oh I didn't realize that. Thank you.ours in success
onmyownterms Premium
Well, they want a site that has several pages of content before approving your account. I would add you want traffic too.
MarkPerkins Premium
Thanks perhaps I will wait a while. I am using "Fishpond" a New Zealand equilalent for selling a couple of items but wonder if overseas visitors would be comfortable buying from them.