I understand that once you upgrade, you can't downgrade again that's all. I am really interested in all everyone has to say but at the moment can't afford to go to premium. That's not to say I won't do in the future, all I am learning, I will. I want to take my time and absorb everything from the posts/tutorials and only when I have got my head round all that, upgrade.

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SamiWilliams Premium
I also think that so much is available to use with upgrade that we all need to do that, however remember you will not have access a lot of the tools, and some of the net working- after the trial period.

I do also agree that pressure is not what you want in a learning environment. I am guilty of wanting to learn as well, and not getting in the game. This is one way of procrastinating. My 2nd time of going through the education has really made me more confident about what I am learning. There is so much here- the main issue I have is that I do not always understand the computer terminology! So when some one tells me in plain English, I understand more completely.

Hang in there and make this work for you!
solidbase Premium
I cant remember if I advised you on this in my welcome message to you.
Anyway, my view to all newbies is to take baby steps at first, and do things right the first time, one step at a time, at your own pace.
Yes, you will get reminders of the benefits of upgrading (and lets be honest, there are plenty), BUT I feel you should never feel "rushed".
You will know when you are ready to upgrade.
Just be aware that some features are not available in Starter, and accept it as such. Make full use of what is available now, and then make an informed decision.
judebanks Premium
Yes, take all the time you need. The free Starter membership never expires. You won't be able to post questions after the first 7 days but you can use the WA search bar to find tutorials and read discussions. You can also read the chat scroll.

I recommend you do the first ten lessons in the Get Started course, and the first ten lessons in Affiliate Bootcamp as well.

This might help: ~Jude
stevechic Premium
Just take your time go through the training. Start your two free websites and building your blog. Contact and follow other members and they will contact you so you can build your network. Take your time there is no point in rushing. As soon as you have a network and maybe promote and gain clients here then you can upgrade, I wish you every success and if you have any questions please ask