I searched both:
- the initial cost (on the surface) is similar
- the domains I searched for availability produced identical results


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BrokFTJFH Premium
Glad you found your answer! As the others mentioned price point is usually very similar just depends on how simple you want to make it. I have a few domains at namescheap and a few I bought through WA. It's pretty easy to go through someone else when you start a site, but as Mike mentioned, if you want to transfer a site, which I've done, it can be a hassle.

JohnD2018 Premium
Thanks Brok. I moved my siterubix site to my .com domain in WA last night. It took maybe ~3 minutes to be able to see the site at the new URL.
kpskaser Premium
Youre going to want to buy your domain so you have a .com, if you are paying to be with WA already, it's probably not worth the extra hassle to go through GoDaddy.

I have a website with GoDaddy for my lawn care company. I pay a small monthly fee or a much larger yearly fee. I always paid yearly in the past but when it came time to renew this time, I chose monthly because I had just started building a site at WA and wasn't sure at the time if I wanted to move it here or could.

My .com with WA is 13.99 a year not month. Now, my monthly membership fee with WA is much more than the hosting with GoDaddy but I pay that fee to be a part of the community and the benifits that come with it. To sum it up I'm paying for the membership anyways so I don't consider that to be for hosting. 13.99 is the way to go.

I plan on moving my GoDaddy site to WA when it's time to renew. You can do a lot with your site at GoDaddy. It is worth the money. I have been learning about websites, seo, rankings, etc for years. You have to kmow this stuff prior to building your GoDaddy site or you're going to have a lot of bumps in the road.

With all that I have learned over the years, the WA training and help from the community has taught me more in just weeks. Not only am I blown away from what I have learned so far, I can control several sites from one place with help from real people anytime I need it.

After finding WA, I would never put a website anywhere else, period. Yes GoDaddy is worth the money, but not compared to WA.

Let us know what you decide
JohnD2018 Premium
Thanks! Its clear that Go Daddy is well regarded (I used them some years back with no issues), but I'd like to be able to keep things simple - it can all be on the same WA platform which I'm already on.

With yours and Mike's input, I'm going with WA Site Domains!
MikeC69 Premium
Hi John !
I did the same thing when I first started, and came to the conclusion that W.A. was the best fit for me based on keeping everything as simple as possible.
If you buy domains at one place to use somewhere elseyou have to get the domain released etc. I tried to move a domain from Bluehost and it took over a month!
In short, doing W.A. domains just keeps everything simple.

Best of success!
JohnD2018 Premium
Mike, Thanks! Good input, in less than a minute. Much appreciated.