I am Haren Joshi, While I was testing my custom affiliate link I just filled a form on the landing page, and that has created a dummy account in name of Test59, will it create problem in future, how can I delete it, or should ignore?

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Robert-A Premium
You could not have created the custom link correctly.

Could you give me the link and I will test it and see where it takes me.
HarenJoshi Premium
Thank you very much Robert-A for your concern, I appreciate. I have created a link correctly and tested in the incognito window of chrome browser and it opened as I wish. What mistake I made was I filled the form as Test59. and it is reflecting n my network. I am worried that will it make problem in future?

I am sending the link hereunder as you asked.
Robert-A Premium
Go into your Post or Page section and delete it.

Easy to do you just tick the little box to the right of it then choose Move To Trash from the Dropdown menu.
Once its in Trash.
Click on Trash and then tick the little box to the right and then choose Delete Permanently from the dropdown menu.

See two pics below