I am trying to write my "About Me" and I am not sure I am doing it right. Maybe I am not putting in the right items. So if anyone can help me please let me know?

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katkatskitchen Premium
if your niche is home furnishings for instance have a look at other home furnishing sites and see what they have written in their about page. In other words look and see what that your competitors have written
BetterDays2C Premium
Hi Susan,
You can use "Site Content" to make sure you are including what needs to be included. Look to the left on your site, and click on "Websites." When that opens, click on "Site Content". When that opens, go to the top and click on "Templates". It will say 5 templates. When that opens, there will be a template called "About Me". Click on that. It will tell you exactly what you need. When you are finished writing the article, you will then hit "Publish". Hope this helps! If you run into a problem, just post and someone will answer. I will check back and see if you got it!
Keylin Premium
Hello Susan, I also was having a hard time with that as I don''t like to talk about myself, but just think about your past experiences and how you will apply it to your niche. Best to be doing a niche that you are very passionate about.
Best of luck to your success and they're are many people on the live chat who may better assist you.