There must be a lot of people who sign up, start creating websites hosted on WA and then for one reason or another pack it in & quit. Maybe they didn't get the quick success they hoped, maybe their circumstances changed and didn't have time to do it. Who knows?

But along the way many will have created some good unique content that , with a bit more time and effort may well have flourished into a profitable site.

So my question is, what happens to these abandoned websites? - some of which might be worth taking over.

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nathaniell Premium
Most people that put enough work into their site to start getting traffic stay on with WA and start making sales. Of those that don't stay here, most pack up their sites and move to another host. There are very few people that put the time and effort to create 1/2 a successful business, then abandon it.

There may be a few, but I don't think it would be worth sifting through to find them.
TheHammer Premium
I think after a time of inactivity the WA technical team will delete them off the server to make space for active members?
IMc Premium
Seems a waste of good content if that's the case as the space they take up and will be miniscule compared to the hosting capacity of a business as large as WA. .

For example, after say 6 months inactivity people could then search for abandoned domains, see if they are ranked in Google and buy them cheaply, Could be an add on to Jaaxy & good alternative for anyone thinking of buying one of the crappy pre-made sites on Flippa.