For anyone who's on the fence about signing up for the Black Friday yearly special, here are my reasons. Hopefully they'll help you decide:

1) $299 is worth it for the training alone. I've purchased books on things like SEO, but they're outdated almost as soon as they're published. In a vibrant online community like WA, you get the most recent information. That's critical when Google's constantly releasing its zoo of search changes and just because of the dynamic environment of the internet in general.

2) The Wordpress templates will make my life easier. I've been making webpages since the dark days when they were hard coded in HTML, so I can do a lot from scratch. But at this stage, I'm looking for something quick and easy, so I love having access to so many templates and other Wordpress resources here.

3) Organized material. I know I can find a lot online about SEO, affiliate programs, etc., if I'm willing to search it. However, it's worth the price to me to have a place where it's organized and where I can chat with other knowledgeable people. It's a one-stop resource vs. wasting a lot of time searching multiple websites and forums.

4) Locked-in price. I love the fact that I can renew next year at $299 if I decide to stay yearly. I'd pay that much for a conference, class, or seminar, and I see WA as having just as much value as those resources.

So there you have it! I know everyone has a different situation, but for me this is a great solution. I wish success to all, whether you upgrade or simply stick around and enjoy the free membership.

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linda4228 Premium
I will probably upgrade to premium soon. Those were very good reasons to subscribe. Being new to this I appreciate your advice
Couldn't agree more. Where else can you get this level of support and training for the price? Nowhere!.
Jakoba Premium
Yes, I can see that this might be my way to go to, am just waffling about the long term commitment but then "nothing ventured...etc.etc. Iwill re-read and re-think and hope to find the cash to do it. Jakoba
believeme Premium
I just signed up for the black Friday special also. Ive been a member off and on since 2010. But there is so much information I would get really confused. But earlier this year I actually started an online business and I know that I need WA inorder to learn how to market my website and build traffic. I know this site is worth it and now that I actually own an online business I can easily justify paying WA especially with such a great price.