hello, i was wondering how ling it typically take to get your first website up and completely running. I am talking about to the point of making money from the site.

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cld111 Premium
It's hard to say. Some people start making money in a couple of months, some it takes quite a bit longer.

If you're just using SEO (site engine optimization) and not paid advertising, it takes Google about 6 months to evaluate your site, make sure you're sticking around and start ranking you. This is when you start to get traffic (and therefore sales).

Wealthy Affiliate teaches using SEO more than paid advertising just because paid advertising can be risky.

You can also promote yourself on social media, YouTube and Pinterest to grab traffic earlier.

This also depends on your niche and how competitive (or not) it is. If your niche doesn't have a lot of competition, this could definitely happen faster.

My recommendation is to go through the training and continue to take consistent action on your site. It will build up and your work will compound over time.

So even though you might have to wait it out a bit, the work that you do now can pay off well into the future. That's the beauty of this kind of business.

- Christina
JeffreyBrown Premium
Matt, it depends upon a lot of factors--Kyle suggests in giving at least a year to get your business up and running. Myself, having been here two years, am going to reevaluate my sites--which are doing nothing of course, since I haven't focused as much on them right now. I'm planning on finishing the training and then working on the affiliate boot camp--all the while continuing writing my books which is a main focus for me right now! Perseverance and patience is key in being successful--and I wish you all the best!

Palatia Premium
Many have a 'breakthrough' around 3-6 months, per Kyle. Some sooner, some later.