Questions by Gerlinde 16

Who is the article factory?
Hi,a few days ago I got this comment on my website from a guy named Jason:…
3 years ago 32 Replies
Impressum obligations for european websites?
I don’t know if you know that, but all websites, where the owners…
3 years ago 15 Replies
Widget issues after wordpress update 4.9?
Hi,I updated one of my websites to the latest Wordpress version 4.9 and…
4 years ago 4 Replies
Blank profile image on facebook when sharing my website?
Hi all,when I want to share my homepage (not a particular post) on facebook,…
4 years ago 30 Replies
Thin content - better check noindex, right?
Yesterday I found out that if we have posts or pages with "thin" content…
4 years ago 16 Replies
I cannot change the role of a wp user anymore?
Hi,I added me as a new user to my new website with the role as Administrator…
4 years ago 11 Replies
Two of my wa affiliate links have only http?
Hi,maybe it takes only some time to be fixed, but I noticed it today after…
4 years ago 6 Replies
Not able to embed jaaxy plugin twice in one page?
Hi,I just created my page about jaaxy but was not able to embed the jaaxy…
4 years ago 13 Replies
Is adding an emoticon to my menu a bad idea?
Hi!I'm just wondering if adding an emoticon like this 🌿 to my…
4 years ago 8 Replies
Extended black friday deal for 4 more days?
It looks like the Black Friday Offer has been extended! As Kyle mentioned…
4 years ago 14 Replies
Blogroll doesnt work as it should?
I’m trying to help my friend with his website. His blog doesn’t…
5 years ago 11 Replies
Can not see my new followers anymore?
I get the emails when I have new followers, but I can not see them on…
5 years ago 17 Replies
Godaddy hosting wants euro 150,- for website restoring?
A friend of mine (he is not a WA member) deleted by accident his GoDaddy…
5 years ago 13 Replies
How to embed banners side by side in text modus?
Hello,I'm trying to add some small banners of books with affiliate links…
5 years ago 4 Replies
Where do I implement the analytics opt-out code?
Hi all,when we use Google Analytics on our website we have to give the…
5 years ago 7 Replies
Why google still displays my "under construction" sentence?
Hi,I made the mistake to add the sentence "this site is under construction"…
5 years ago 5 Replies