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Last Update: July 13, 2020

I decided to take myself off for a day or two, as this is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. I am currently in Donegal town in Republic of Ireland and it is lovely to see people!! People does mean danger in these times, but I'm being very aware of my surroundings and being cautious. Isn't it unbelievable that I'm having to write such things.

I am sitting in s cafe having coffee and there is a large Perspex screen between me and the next table. When I first read about screens I thought how awful, but I must admit that the privacy is great.

It is a good time to take a step back and put everything into perspective at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have only been around for a month and because I read every day about how many blogs people have up and running and how much others are earning, it is like a two aged sword, in that it encourages me, but also disheartens me, as so far I think I have attained so little.

So sitting here, removed from normal, I realise that Wealthy Affiliate have helped me to so much in such a short period of time. I have one website up and running, it's maybe not totally complete, but I've now started a second one.

So I haven't had any comments on my site from readers, I haven't earned anything from my affiliate links yet, but get perspective.

i can hardly expect to be earning a fortune when last month I didn't know how to set up s website. I didn't even know what the word affiliate meant.

So I'm now feeling proud of what I've attained do far and I'll give the big attainers blogs a miss for a while till I feel more confident and comfortable within myself.

So to all the others new on the road, take a step back, see how much you have learned already and get PERSPECTIVE!!

i wish you all well, enjoy the rest of your day, in the wonder of how much you've accomplished, wherever you are on your journey.

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NicolaPowles Premium
I have been here 3 days Im not sure yet whether to join yet as I constantly join things I dont continue with but I must say this is looking like a very positive supportive community. I know the techy part will be challenging so tommorow I will start this google index thing you mention. I havent come to that yet. Great to hear other peoples journeys.
PamMegquier Premium
I must have joined WA about the same time as you.
Yes i have 2 websites and they are both indexed in google.
But i'm not making any money on them yet and
traffic is almost non existent.
But like you said,
last month i didn't know anything.,
I feel I've accomplished quite a bit.
Have a great break.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
No worries, Geoffrey! You'll eventually get there. I've been here two years and have not earned very much, but, I also goofed off for over a year and a half! Success is how you view it and when you want to make it happen!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Welcome to the new normal.
Keep up the great work
Jacquie8 Premium Plus
I have to admit Geoffrey, when I read that you were disheartened because you have attained so little, I thought oh... you must have been here a while... and took a quick glance at your profile and saw "Jan 2020"

This made me think, Wow, Geoffrey wants to move fast...

Then when I read that you've only been around a month, and took a closer look, I saw "Jun 2020"

Then I glanced over and saw that you have achieved your Online Entrepreneur Certificate, and I thought ok... Geoffrey has experience with websites...

But then I read a month ago you didn't know what affiliate meant, or how to set up a website.

So Geoffrey you have now become somewhat of an enigma to me... and I'm following your amazing progress with much anticipation!

Congratulations on having a ... wait no... 2 websites up and for even being able to have the affiliate links there!!

Best wishes,

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Thanks Jacquie, I'm content where I am at the moment, but there again are we ever content lol. Always wanting the next thing!!!