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September 16, 2020
Good afternoon everyone. I just want to let you all know that apparently Google are experiencing delays in reporting in their search console. The article I read says that there is no problems with the actual crawling, indexing or ranking, as that is continuing as normal, so you have nothing to worry about. The only issue is in the reporting of the outcomes in the Google Search Console.So some of your posts may not show in reports, but will actually be indexed none the less.Google don't know
Sometimes when you see jobs advertised it says flexible working conditions. Well how much more flexible could you get than with Wealthy Affiliate?I am currently sitting on a rock overlooking the beach in the photograph above, writing a blog post. How much more crazy, or should I say flexible can you get?For those of you who live in hot climates your probably thinking, sure I can do that anyday. But it's such a novelty for us!So anyone who wants flexibility needs Wealthy Affiliate. All you n
If your like me you love it when something totally obvious suddenly hits you like it was the first time you had ever thought of it I've just had one such moment lolA very simple one at that. You really can work anywhere when your a member of Wealthy Affiliate!!I am a great believer that while work is important and that you should give it 100% when doing it, it should have its place. You should always have a box for it and that you should put it into the box every so often and close the lid ti
August 03, 2020
There has been quite a bit of discuss over the last few days about the security around the personal information held by Tik Tok.Just to update has just been announced on the news that Tik Tok are going to move their headquarters to another country. London apparently one of the top options. This will hopefully give confidence to those of you who are thinking of opening an account with them.I'm sure there are many of you just desperate to get a video of yourself doing that renegade dance
July 31, 2020
Hi everyone.I came across this today and thought it was interesting, as we talk a lot about goals here at WA.Goals failHabits you just doi think this is a good piece of learning for me, as I am no use at goals. Unfortunately they mean very little to me and I won't remember them a day or two later anyway.its a bit like New Year's resolutions. I have never ever made any and never seen any point lol.So if you are like me it's time to forget goals and start making habits.Make WA a habit and then
Since the coffee shops reopened after lockdown, a couple of the ones I go to, have been using disposable cups and putting food into carry out dishes. I absolutely hate this, so i passed a remark to a member of staff in one of them about the environmental impact, to cover the real reason being that I thought it was dreadful customer service. She told me that they had less staff, but they would probably be using proper cups shortly. This did nothing to help how I felt, as I now know that the o
Over the last few weeks I have been trying to get involved in the whole of the WA community. But I'm sure some of you are saying that that novelty will soon wear off!!Maybe, maybe not, as I'm an all in or all out person.But a question that I can't help asking myself is, why do people write blogs on here. I'm afraid I have got very cynical with some of the blogs I is very obvious that many members are simply writing blogs to promote themselves or their niche and to move up the rankings
I am on day two of my mini break and made it to Sligo. Unfortunately it has rained all day. So you can imagine it really gets up my nose when I hear some of you complaining about the heat. Think I was a little short with someone yesterday for complaining, ooops.Although I'm away I'm still keeping an eye on what you are all at, but it's great to get a break. Everything is so different with the Covid restrictions, but at least places are open and trying to give everyone as normal an experience
July 13, 2020
I decided to take myself off for a day or two, as this is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. I am currently in Donegal town in Republic of Ireland and it is lovely to see people!! People does mean danger in these times, but I'm being very aware of my surroundings and being cautious. Isn't it unbelievable that I'm having to write such things.I am sitting in s cafe having coffee and there is a large Perspex screen between me and the next table. When I first read about screens I thought how a
Wow, I've made it. I have successfully, well maybe successfully is a bit of wishful thinking on my part, but I've made it, got through and survived lol.I've completed my Online Entrepreneur Certificate course! Sorry, but no hugs and kisses, they aren't allowed at the minute, but hold on to them and hopefully I'll get them soon.Do I remember it all?. If I was to log into WordPress independently could I create myself a website? Ah, no, but I could have a go at it. But I don't have to, as the