Seeking Amazon help from my friends here.

Last Update: August 30, 2017

Hi everybody,

I've posted this to the questions board, but thought I'd get feedback from you all who have probably already gone through the process before. Anything you contribute would be greatly appreciated!


I am trying to make sure I don't overdue my Amazon affiliate links and want to understand better how many is too many. My site is basically broken down as such:

-Beginner's Guide

For the most part I will be building out my content through posts that go directly to the articles page. However, I also plan to start reviewing products as well - I still plan on making lengthy content out of my reviews, but I was also going to link each product to Amazon at the bottom of the review.

Here's my question: is it okay to do this for every review post that I create (have an affiliate link at the bottom), or will I end up hurting for it? Would it be better to create a one page shop that houses all of my links, and then just link to that page within each of my reviews? If I did that, would having a ton of links on one dedicated page also hurt my rankings?

I'm so close to starting this whole thing, but I don't want to mess it up. Any help you might provide would be greatly appreciated!



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Good post, thanks for sharing your thoughts here with our Wealthy Affiliate Community. :)