Why staying positive is a must in any crisis

Last Update: March 21, 2020

Hello lovely people. I genuinely hope that you are well and wanted to put out some positive thoughts during this evolutionary time, which I hope will spread some love and optimism. So here goes...


Because like attracts like; positive thoughts attract positive things.

In these very uncertain times, it is more important than ever to stay positive, count your blessings and keep reminding yourself that we will come through this as a species, the earth will survive and I'm convinced, there will be a better society at the end of it.

When we are positive, we raise our vibration and attract more of that same positive energy. The same is true if we think more negative thoughts, we often end up in a downward spiral and attract more of what we are complaining about. So, it is imperative so stay on top of your own emotional intelligence during this time and find things around you that are positive. And there will always be things that you can find if you look.

I have decided that during this time, I am going to become a beacon of positivity, spreading as much love and positive energy as I can. Feel free to join me.

I don't want to this to become a major blog about the law of attraction or positive thinking - if you'd like to know more, then you can visit my websites or send me a personal message.

The sun will set each evening and rise again the next day. If nothing else, there's a message of hope there.

But here's something to consider in all adverse situations: there are 2 ways to approach any adverse event, AND each of us have a CHOICE about what we choose. You can react with:

1) fear, anger and doubt, or

2) hope, faith and optimism.

No one holds a gun to your head and says you must choose fear; no one twists your arm up your back and orders you to react with anger. It is your CHOICE and that is the most brilliant thing, because it means that YOU hold all the power! YOU have the power to feel good or miserable, optimistic or despairing - and it all begins with your thoughts.

Of course, we all have to comply with restrictions if they are imposed by governments for the health of the general population; but I am not talking about ACTIONS here, I am talking about ATTITUDES. And it is our attitudes that will get us through this, because when we have the right attitude, we will have the right actions.

Below is a table of some possible outcomes depending on your attitude:

These are just examples obviously but in there lies a lot of truth.

I have chosen option 2 and I urge all you wonderful people to do the same. You have the power, you are in control of your thoughts, you can do this!

The world is changing but the world has changed before, many, many times. We have faced and overcome so many adverse situations, there are too many to count. And we have come through them all.

We will always be facing challenges that call us to become something different, something better, more responsive, more empathetic, more understanding of out fellow humans and their plight; and ultimately more responsible for our actions and the effects they have on each other and the planet. It is our calling, our destiny. We cannot help but move forward, and I for one, will use this time to find every ounce of positive energy I can, and share it willingly.

After all, hope, faith and optimism are

  • Free
  • Empowering, and
  • Never run out on the supermarket shelves!!

So why not make this the start of something good for you, your family and the world? Who knows where it could lead.

And why not leave some positive thoughts for the world in the comments below?

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Isaiah14 Premium
Always appreciate your positive posts, Gail. 👍
Isaiah 😊
GailLowe Premium
Hi Isaiah. Hope you are well and I'm glad I can help keep spirits up! Wishing you well today in whatever you're doing.
LatinNomad Premium
Hear hear!
GailLowe Premium
Hi Tj - good to hear from you and thanks for your comment. Stay positive and stay safe. Gail
Christoph79 Premium
You cant be an entrepreneur without staying positive...charge your thoughts with positive energy today !
GailLowe Premium
Thanks Christopher - totally agree!
GailLowe Premium
Hi Richard. That sounds amazing. I'm all for a creative future, so wishing you all the best with that one. :) Gai l
Rich908 Premium
We have the opportunity to create quiet time in our lives and plan how we have a more creative future.

Great post