Wealthy Affiliate Mad March Sale is anything but mad!

Last Update: Mar 1, 2022

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The Wealthy Affiliate Mad March Sale is here and it's anything but 'mad'! In fact, I think it is one of the sanest decisions I have ever made. And I'm so happy to announce, that like many others,...

I've just upgraded to the new Premium Plus annual membership!

I've been a member of WA for just over 4 years and in that time, it has changed my life in so many ways, and not always the ones you would imagine. You can read some of my other blogs to find out how I started my websites, changed my job, increased my income, and made new friends along the way.

I've been a consistent member all the time although my family and 'real' life as I call it, has meant that there are times when I've been able to be more active here than others. But I have always worked steadily on my sites and gained confidence in my own abilities. And it's worked!

Changing to Premium Plus membership at this flash sale price is a 'no-brainer' for me. I upgraded to the annual Premium membership after a few weeks here and I've always seen it as an investment in myself and my business that I am willing to make to take my life to the next level.

I still do, and I'm happy to take the next step to help implement my next '5-year plan'. That's the one where I stop trading my time for money in the conventional sense and get on board with the 'new normal' of 21st-century working life.

That means I can work from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME and still earn a PASSIVE INCOME whilst leveraging the amazing opportunities available on the internet through an ONLINE BUSINESS!

I know from experience that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal

I know it works and I know I can make it work for me. And if I can do it, anyone can.

And now with all the benefits of the Premium Plus account, I can take my business to the next level and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

I remember writing a blog a couple of years ago about Premium membership and how much value for money it was for people who were really serious about starting a business. The new Premium Plus offer is even better!

Until the end of the flash promotion, anyone upgrading will get:

  • The amazing training program that got me started in the first place
  • Over 300 expert classes a year with videos and walk-through tutorials
  • Secure WordPress hosting
  • Fast sites
  • Site support
  • 50 websites
  • Site Rubix to help keep my writing on track - nearly 300,000 words written so far
  • Jaaxy Enterprise Research platform and Jaaxy Alphabet Soup - nothing to eat here but I'll get all the keywords I need
  • Expert help and support from people who've "been there and done it!"
  • Coaching and mentoring not just from the platform owners, but from all the members around the world who help and give back every day to help others succeed - surely the way forward as we realise that we gain so much more by helping others
  • Exclusive help to really launch my business in 2022!
  • Expert help 24/7 through the chat program
  • One of the best (in my opinion) and most profitable affiliate programs available
  • Monthly payments for any referrals
  • Site comments
  • Focused help and support
  • Friends!

I'm sure I've missed lots of things but I'm very excited! $499 (approx £375 in the UK) is an amazing price and I'm happy to invest this in myself.

After all, a market stall would cost me more and I can set up my 'market stall' across the world and I don't need to stand in the rain!!!

Come on world, wake up to the opportunities that are out there!

It's a coffee a day to make it your way!

So if you are serious about your business, go for it. The deal ends on March 2nd, 11.59 pm PST.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for this amazing opportunity.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for this amazing place.

I wish everyone great success in your businesses, whatever niche you are in, and whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional. We all have to start somewhere and for me, this is one Mad March Deal that makes perfect sense!

Let's make 2022 a year to remember for all the right reasons!


Recent Comments


Very well done, Gail, and an excellent share! I upgraded to P+ last night too, my friend! To our success!


I'll drink to that. :)

Congrats Gail! You wrote a wonderful review of PremiumPlus here. I hope you have used your affiliate link in this post to paste it on your social media. It was so good I used it on my Facebook.



Great - glad you liked it!

Well done on your decision to upgrade to premium Plus Gail. I upgraded last November with black Friday. Same price which is worth every penny. I'm in the UK as well and similar exchange rate.

Great - love hearing from fellow Brits on here. Hope you're well.

So exciting, Gail. I am considering doing the very same thing as you just did.

I have been considering upgrading for a while, and this offer is just too good not to grab.

I wish you continued success and much fun in your journey ahead!


Definitely too good to miss! Do it!

Well done Gail!
Congratulations to you!

Thanks. Happy about my decision.

It's awesome

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