Things you need to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate 1-Effort

Last Update: August 28, 2020

What do you really need to succeed here at Wealthy Affiliate?

Over a series of articles in the next few weeks, I've decided to look at a few things that I think you need to help you succeed here at WA. You can follow along with the series and see if you feel that you have these things, or whether there are traits and skills that you need to develop a little more.

I'm doing this as much for myself, as for anyone reading this, as I want to get to writing some more blogs about WA which I can share with others.

So here's my discussion on the first thing I think you need to succeed: Effort!

No.1 - Effort

I firmly believe that you reap what you sow, and that what you put in to something is directly correlated to what you personally get out of it. This is not just a monetary measure, but much more than that. If you put a real effort into your work here, building your website and focusing on moving forward a little bit every day, then the rewards will come. These will be many and varied and they will be related to the effort you put in.

As every child knows, if you don't put the sand in the bucket to begin with, your not going to build a sandcastle! So on some level, there needs to be a degree of effort or work on your part in order to achieve anything. You have to put the eggs in the pan if you want to cook them, you have to run the bath if you want to soak in it, and if you want to build a website, you have to write some articles.

What this effort is and how much you do, will depend on the time you have and your personal circumstances. You might find that since lockdown, you have a lot of time on your hands, or you might be like me, as busy as ever, trying to juggle a few jobs, organise your family and look after your own personal wellbeing at the same time.

If that's you, then you may feel that you only have a little time and it may be difficult to really focus, so you might feel that it's not worth it and give up. But that would be a misconception and could easily be resolved by thinking a little differently and reframing how you think about the time you do have.

I have recently been playing a game on my phone called Gardenscapes - it's basically candy crush dressed up, but I really like the 'dressed-up' bit because as I progress through the different levels, my virtual butler, Austin, gets to refurbish the garden of my virtual mansion. Every time I pass a level, I get a star, and that means I can usually get Austin to do one task in the garden.

Now what's interesting here is that it's only one star at a time, but given time (and I don't play this very regularly), my 'garden' is starting to look quite good. It's even encouraged me to tackle my real-life garden - one task at a time. And suddenly I look back and see the great progress I have made. But you have to put in that little bit of effort to get started.

I believe that this is like life and have taken such inspiration from this little game, I can't tell you. I now write down my to-do tasks and carefully tick them off one at a time; but instead of berating myself for what I haven't done, I commend myself for the time I have spent, be that 10 minutes or 2 hours - I'm reframing it all to the positive, looking at everything as a step closer to achieving my goals.

The same is true of WA - it just takes a little effort, consistently to make a difference, and before you know it, you've built your website, garden space or amazing sand structure!

And what is interesting about this approach is that you find yourself looking forward to achieving that one task and nothing seems too big - it's all manageable and stress free.

As a blogger about the law of attraction, telling everyone to put in loads of effort and struggle really, really hard, goes against all the teaching that I believe is true, because it makes me stressed and I know that will not attract the things I want because it is not a positive feeling or energy I'm creating. It's hard, laborious and no one wants to work that way.

But by reframing my 'effort' into manageable small steps, then my energy changes and I'm excited about what I can achieve - there's a palpable difference in my thoughts and my energy, which allows me to get more done.

So remember - effort is needed, but it should be something you do that is fun and exciting - and that's not about the tasks you have to do - but the way you think about the tasks you do!

So if you want to build an impressive sandcastle (or website), you have to first fill the bucket, and the rest will follow one grain of sand or bucketful at a time!

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Jude81 Premium
Loved your post Gail, (and love your images too :)).
I love the law of attraction and try to corporate and practice the law as much as I am ready but much room for daily grow indeed.

A great reminder to enjoy the effort we put into our business, I tend to push myself so hard it may not be as pleasurable more at times.

I have had much technical issues lately and as a non-technical person it can be challenging and those days it feels like not much else get done than fixing things.

Thank you for reminding us to still stay positive on those days too. It is important we should appreciate our journey and all effort we put in it and stay positive to attract positve things to come :) I feel so greatful for all I have learned since I have started in December 2019 here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I always love the following quote, 'Don't wait till the storm go paste but learn to dance in the rain'.

Have agreat day.
GailLowe Premium
Love that quote too. And my guru, Esther, would say that if something's are going wrong, then take a break and put your focus somewhere else to get you back in alignment.
Hoping it will be all be fixed soon.
Jude81 Premium
Great advice, thank you Gail, I appreciate it.
Tirolith Premium
“Success, failure, negative or positive are all in the mind. Your reaction of which way to go is of your choice and only your ability will win or lose.” Tom Short.

“If You are Willing enough to do Something the Ability will Come.” Tom Short.

“Doing Well Creates a Better Society.” Tom Short.

GailLowe Premium
Hi Tom. So good to hear from you again. Hope you're well.
Thanks for your insight too - always great to get your input.
Have a great weekend.
Wallerdog Premium
Like they say you cannot eat an elephant in one bite.
GailLowe Premium
Haha - I'd like my daughter to learn that one!
RickHan Premium
Ao true. Thanks for the reminder. It is too easy to get overwhelmed sometimes. I will be accomplishing my tasks one at a time rather seeing this unending list of tasks. Take care.
GailLowe Premium
Thanks Richard.
JKulk1 Premium
Very true Gail. The effort you put into any venture is relevant to the success levels you will achieve. Jim
GailLowe Premium
Hi Jim.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.