Starting again at Wealthy Affiliate: redoing the training

Last Update: June 27, 2021

Some of you will know that I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years now, and in that time, the things I've learned here have more than fulfilled my expectations when I started in October 2017. At that time I was struggling for money and like so many people, was looking for a way to increase my income and pull myself out of the financial mess that I had got myself into.

I'm pleased to report that I have managed to do that, and I credit Wealthy Affiliate for helping me do that in so many ways, although not necessarily in the ways I originally thought I would. For instance:

1. I got my passion for writing back and that brought back my self-esteem and sense of self-worth

2. I started a couple of websites which began to bring in some income (after about 6-8 months)

3. I learned SO MUCH about things I'd never heard of before, like affiliate marketing and Fiverr and SEO, it was amazing.

4. I landed a writing job through a lead here (Fiverr) that helped pull me out of the financial quagmire I was in

5. I got a job doing a website for my school

6. I made lots of friends

So I have not been disappointed here at all, Far from it, Wealthy Affiliate has exceeded my expectations over and over again.

I've made back my investment although funnily enough, this income has not really come from the original idea of doing an affiliate marketing site! But there are many ways to make an income online and from the comfort of your own couch, as a lot of people are now discovering.

However, I want to start again and go through all the training again to update my skills, see what has changed, and keep up-to-date with all the information that changes constantly, and to see all the new things that I know have been brought in since I started.

So wish me luck as I go through all the training again. I'll let you all know how I get on and what new and exciting things I've learned. As a teacher, I fully understand that most students only take in a fraction of what the teacher tells them each lesson, so I'm really excited to go back, start again and keep learning...

Anyone else want to join me?

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FKelso Premium Plus
Gail, I think you have a great idea. I started redoing the training myself a while back, but then got too embroiled in my websites. Perhaps, though, it's something I, too, will do eventually. There's always some bit of information that slips through the cracks, and it might be just the data you need.
GailLowe Premium Plus
Hi Fran. So good to hear from you again too. And yes, you're right - I feel that a lot has slipped through my fingers recently, so time to get back at it....I have another 5 year goal to fulfill!!
Take care, Gail
BillandSue Premium
Hi Gila,
A BIG Hearty Welcome Back. It is so good to realize that your comments will be coming again.

Success is measured in many ways in life and at Wealthy Affiliate.

For most of us, financial growth is the "key" to success. But there are a lot of other ways Wealthy Affiliate brings success. Enhancing your desire to write and showing us how to improve our writing.

When Sue and I first started Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015 (we just celebrated our 6 years with Wealthy Affiliate), my goal was to write an article of 1,000 words. I have never felt a lot of words make a good article, but for Google's ranking purpose you have to play their game. Anyway today, I can spin a 5,000 work article like I could, when we first started at 1,000 words.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best marketing affiliate training platform in the world.

I have been putting off the idea that I should go back and re-study the lessons again. Thanks to your inspiration, I am going to do that.

Welcome back, Gail. Looking forward to hearing your wonderful words and articles again.

GailLowe Premium Plus
Hello again Bill and Sue. You don't know how happy I am to see you again and thank you for your kind comments. Meeting people from all over the world here is one of my best highlights and I've met some lovely people here - which includes you two.
Glad you're going to go over the training again too. We can compare notes!
All the best
BillandSue Premium
Hi Gail,
Thanks for your warm remarks. Looking forward to being in contact with you.

Bill & Sue
AdamReger Premium
Nice blog, reading posts like these help me keep motivated. I've been on Wealthy Affiliate for over two months, and I'm making slow and steady progress. After reading your blog, I should probably spend more time on here. LOL
I wish you the best of success. Good luck out there.

Adam :)
GailLowe Premium Plus
Hi Adam
Yes, it can be slow going in the early stages, and even now, but it does work but it's like any other business - it takes work and dedication.
AdamReger Premium
As the saying goes, don't give up. The only true failure is giving up. :) Be safe out there.
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
It's great to see you back again, Gail. Doing the WA training again is a good idea as keeping up with changes is extremely important.
I admit that in my six years at WA I have not completed all stages of the training. I haven't touched on the video or PPC lessons. I must do both of those soon and maybe I'll see you somewhere along that journey!

Wishing you all the best, Gail.

GailLowe Premium Plus
Hi Valerie. So glad to see you're still here.
And thanks for reading and your advice. See you soon!
Dadaz123 Premium
Gail, redoing the OEC course is a worthwhile endeavor I hope to undertake sometime in the future. Keep us updated on your progress as you do the go-over.
Wealthy Affiliate is more than worth its weight in gold!
GailLowe Premium Plus
I will do.