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Hey guys, how are y'all doing today? I worked on an article yesterday titled "How to Prevent Injuries While Exercising ( Build Muscle Safely) " and then went on with the rest of my day. Then today I checked my analytics and I noticed that I had more views than expected on that post. So I looked up the keyword ( how to prevent injuries while exercising) on Bing and my article is ranked on the very first page of Bing! It's amazing! I literally did only a days worth of work and got ranked the nex
Another huge success in my online business! My article got ranked on the first page of Yahoo. It's amazing that more and more of my articles are getting ranked in yahoo and bing. My wealthy affiliate brothers and sisters, I hope this post will inspire you to keep working hard and never give up. This accomplishment is a result of the quality training here. Never give up!
Hey guys, I added a email subscription widget on my website for anyone that wants to subscribe to my blog. It was tricky getting it set up and I didn't see anything in the courses about that so it was a self taught process. No pressure to subscribe but it's a short update on my progress.
Hi everyone, I'm back with another update on my journey. I've been away from wealthy affiliate for what feels like ages but it's only been a few weeks. The reason why I left for a while is because I failed two college classes and had some mental health problems. Some of you might know that I deal with depression and anxiety. But the good news is that I'm back and stronger than ever. I'm ready to take on the next challenges in online business. If there's any lesson to be learned from my post, n
Hey guys, I checked my rankings on Jaxxy and I saw that my article "How to Get Bigger Biceps with Dumbbells" got ranked on the first page of Yahoo and Duck Duck Go. Felt pretty ecstatic from seeing that and it goes to show that the training at wealthy affiliate really works. Looking forward to seeing what other successes I will have with my online business.
I took a week long break from blogging to focus on my mental health and personal fitness. Managed to gain some more muscle during that time which is what helped motivate me to continue working on my online business. And I've been following the training and now have multiple social media accounts that promote my articles while creating thoughtful content. So if you guys wanna follow me on those accounts, they're on my profile. Anyways, I checked my google analytics earlier this week and noticed
Just tried to write a blog post but I wasn't feeling satisfied with what I was writing. The Google analytics setup process sucked a lot of energy out of me and the bloody thing still isn't set up properly. I've tried to paste that code in the misc but it ends up becoming a head title on my site which is dumb. That's not really the point of my blog post but it's one of the factors that's left me unmotivated in my business. Another thing is that my gains have kind of plateaued which has affected
It is amazing to see how the work I have done in the past has manifested my current success on my website. All of my recent articles except the one I just posted today got indexed on google and I got accepted into my first affiliate program on share a sale. I have to admit, I was at the train station waiting for the train to take me home when I pulled up my email. I saw the notification from wealthy affiliate showing me that all of my articles got indexed on google. At that moment, I almost sta
I had a day off from work today so I made sure to make the most of it. I added affiliate links and an affiliate disclosure page to my blog. And I applied to a program on shareasale so am now eagerly waiting for a response. Throughout the day, I did experience some slight depression but I remembered a piece of advice that I gave on one of my articles about balancing your life with your personal goals. So I decided I accomplished enough today and played some videogames and watched some movies. I
The past two blog posts, I have been talking about myself but now I'm going to do a 180 and ask you guys what has been motivating you to start an online business. Personally, what has been motivating me the most is the possibility to one day travel the world while making money online. Every time I see a video or photo of exotic beaches and islands, it gets me even more motivated because I know if I accomplish some tasks on the training today, I could be exploring those places tomorrow. Know wha