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Hello, my wealthy affiliates! Today was a very eventful day so I haven't had time to follow some of you back like I said on my last post. When I was younger, I was born with a birth defect on my ears that caused the tops of my ears to be flat. It's actually more common than I thought. I had this for my whole life and after much consideration, I decided to get my ears fixed with plastic surgery. ( it was actually one of the only surgeries Ive ever needed or wanted to do apart from getting my wi
Another lovely gift from Bing just arrived at my virtual doorstep. It's almost as if I'm buddy buddy with this search engine now. My article "How to Build Triceps at Home in 2021" finally got ranked on Bing when I least expected it. It was a post I wrote in June so I almost completely forgot about it. If you liked this post then please do me a favor and smack that follow button! I'll be sure to return the favor ;) The power and responsibility of SEO has served me once again and I assure you th
Hello, my wealthy affiliate brothers and sisters! How is everyone doing today? So I was checking my google analytics last afternoon and noticed that I was getting traffic to my recent article "7 Awesome Tips for Gaining Weight Fast". Once again, I suspected that it was ranked on Bing so I looked up my targeted keyword and there it was , a few results down on the first page of Bing! It's a nice feeling that my articles are being ranked faster and faster. The next step SEO wise is to get my searc
Hello, my wealthy affiliates. How is everyone doing today? Today has been a very productive day for my online business. After going out for some italian food, I sat down with a pepsi and pumped out the rest of my article. A strategy that I've taken from my college work is to write AT LEAST five hundred words in a session and then come back to it when I take care of my other responsibilities or feel energized again. It is helpful to break up your work into bite sized pieces. What strategies do y
Making this post to celebrate 4th of july with my community. It'll be a great day to sit back, enjoy the fireworks or have some fun. Or I have a much better idea...PARTY AT MY HOUSE and you get an invitation if you smack dat follow button lol. All of my curretnt followers are invited as well. And there will also be a party at my house when I start making the fat stacks from my website lol. On a serious note, it's been a great and productive 3 months at wealthy affiliate. I'm grateful for everyt
For those of you that have followed my blogs on wealthy affiliate, I announced that I was going to start working on my social media. I thought about trying to grow my pinterest, twitter, and instagram all at once but the thought of that felt overwhelming so I decided to focus on instagram. Instagram has so far been the platform I've enjoyed the most. I decided to use an app called Later which I connected to my instagram account that represents my website. Later is an awesome app if you are very
Hey there! How is my wealthy affiliate family doing? I hope you are doing well and safely vaccinated as the covid pandemic comes to a close. So I've decided that the next step forward for my online business is to start creating more streams of traffic. Basically, I will work on learning how to grow an audience on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Traffic is more than necessary for making money with an online business. I have had some success with SEO but I'm getting low traffic from being rank
June 20, 2021
Hey guys, I checked my rankings for an old article I posted 2 months ago and found out that it is the very very FIRST result on Bing. The article is titled "Benefits of Gaining Muscle at Home" I'm getting good at SEO and feeling super proud to see the fruits of my labor.
My journey on wealthy affiliate has been a bumpy one for sure. I've had days where I felt super motivated to write articles and days where I couldn't write anything. Stay At Home Bulking has been a major acheivement in my life. It has given me influence, individuality, and skills that I never thought I would possess. Even though I haven't made any money yet from my site, most of my articles are ranked on the very first page of many search engines and I get people visiting my site from all aroun
Today was a hard day for me. It was a day where I felt at my worst in this journey towards online success as an aspiring entrepreneur. I felt extremely depressed and upset with my current progress because I wasn't sure if I did anything right with my website. Another factor that could have played into my emotions was getting the corona vaccine recently but even then I'm not entirely sure. I also got injured which caused me to lose some of my fitness gains that I made at home. All of these facto