Celebrating a Small Success on Social Media

Last Update: June 30, 2021

For those of you that have followed my blogs on wealthy affiliate, I announced that I was going to start working on my social media. I thought about trying to grow my pinterest, twitter, and instagram all at once but the thought of that felt overwhelming so I decided to focus on instagram. Instagram has so far been the platform I've enjoyed the most.

I decided to use an app called Later which I connected to my instagram account that represents my website. Later is an awesome app if you are very busy with your personal life and want the app to post on your behalf.

On Later, I did 45 minutes of work making creative posts that were related to fitness memes, inspirational pictures, and a pic of my most recent success with bulking up at home. Each post had targeted keywords that were used as hashtags. In that 45 minutes of work, I created 7 posts that were scheduled to be posted once a day for a week. With the click of a button at 12 PM every day, Later sent out my post.

So before using Later and targeted hashtags, my instagram account was not recieving much engagement or followers. Now my Instagram account has grown from 4 followers to 10 followers in over a week. And people are starting to "like" my posts more regularly.

It's not a HUGE achievement but it's a small success that is worth talking about.

For those of you interested in checking out Later, I'll leave a link below. It's free to use for the first 30 posts and then it is 12 dollars a month. It might be a useful investment if you have a hard time balancing blogging, work, and social media but I would recommend deciding for yourself if it's worth the money. Again, it's completely free to start and I've noticed slight growth in my instagram account from using Later.

World’s Favorite Instagram Marketing Platform | Later

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helenwentri2 Premium
Congratulations, any progress is a success.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very nice, Gabriel! Thanks for sharing!

Godstrong Premium
Greate information Gabriel, and thanks for the link.
Newme202 Premium
I will check it out
Congratulations on your success
countrylife Premium
I am aware.
It is a great app.
Great achievement.
Thank you.