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Joined February 2010
my hobbie is my moter cycle
i have a honda valkyre 15 20 cc
it is a 1999 model black and gold and loads of chrome and polished alloy
the only thing that i have changed on it is the exhaust system it now has
a 6 into 6 system on it 3 pipes each side
i bought it new and in
11 + years i have only done 6000 miles on it mainley because i am a fine weather rider now plus it takes a day to clean it when it gets dirty ha-ha
and i live in england so our weather is not so good
i love being on my computer but i am terrified of it
plus i have a hard time understanding how to make it do what i want it to do
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Welcome to WA
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hello one and all it has taken me approx 10 months to get this far i did not know i had a photo here my son must have put it on for me
i am 62 and have had enough of driving for a living
i have 2 children darren 39 and sammantha 37
4 grandchildren sam 18 dayna 11 neve10 zak 4
and of course my lovley wife lizzie whom i have been married to for 43 years so i just want to have a job or buissines that allows me to spend more time with my family
i am a hgv truck driver so my time is very limited as i do a lot of daft o clock starts and late finish times
as of my job i do not have much of a social life
so i have to just mumble along on my own to try and make this w, a system work for me i had logged into w,a today to cancell my subscripsion as i just cannot get to
grips with the programm
i just do not know where or how to start this machine
is there any body out there that would have the time and paisiance to help me please i live in hope