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Last Update: August 13, 2017

Yesterday when I went out to feed my calves I found one with a prolapsed bowel. I looked on the net to see what we could do to fix it . I found this video on You Tube .

But after trying to do that we just could not get it back in. We called the vet and he said he could come out for a cost of about $500 but then the chances of the calf surviving were still very slim. The only option for us then was to have the calf put down. This is one of the hard facts of life on the farm. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions.

I guess all of life is like that, we sometimes have to make tough decisions. Other decisions can be easy. Like the decision to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, that was an easy one and it is easy to continue. I have learned so much within this program that it does not bother me if I don't make money in the process. That would be an added bonus, but the learning alone has been well worthwhile .

I have now reached lesson 8 in level 3 so have added some affiliate links to my website. you can see it at

I would love some feed back on the site. I was a bit concerned with the addition of 5 banner ads for books from Amazon, wondering if Google may not like it.

Thanks for reading my post.

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SueSeymour Premium
Hi there Judy I love your website and posts well done your site looks very professional and I love what drones have been used for so your site captured my attention awesome!

I wanted to make a comment but wasn't able to so here I am really encouraging to see your niche.
Chow for now!
Freisia Premium
Thank you Sue, I am sorry you couldn't leave it on the site, I will have to check that,
Thank you for taking a look. cheers
Carol46 Premium
In farming, we had to learn the hard lesson that when you have livestock one has to be prepared for dead stock :( Hope all is ok. I have visited your site and found it very interesting. I know nothing about drones although I know a bit about farming :) Good work, keep up the good work, Judy
Freisia Premium
Thanks Carol, I really appreciate your feedback. The You Tube video did not show on the blog unfortunately as it was quite graphic.
abdul11 Premium
good post