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This low cost ($10-$12?) method works wonders and is fun. First, find a local store (could be over the Internet?) that sells advertising-promotional items such as T-shirts, ball point pens, coffee mugs and other similar items.. Then just ask the store if they can make you a small badge/button. Get a price on say a 2" or 3" in diameter circle (pin on) badge/button, I have a 3" circle (with pin on the back) with black letters on an astro-bright yellow background. It reads "GREAT JOBS .
There are scads of Internet sites that allow you to write free ads. One popular one is Wanted Wants at Seems that the results are not what they should be. Are you writing free ads and getting decent results? And the site is ??? Thanks Larry freedomforus
My unfinished site at (you can peek now) now uses the words "disabled folks" a lot. Big controversy as to whether or not to use the word "folks" when preceded by the word disabled. much do you like or dislike the combination? So..... It's a scale of 1-10 (with a 1 meaning they are terrible words to use and 10 meaning it's a super-great word usage) In addition to the number you pick, please tell me the image you are picturing when you see the two words toget
Yesterday my ranking score was 100. Today it's 86!!! Tell your kinfolk! Tell your neighbor! Tell your dog and your cat! Just don't, don't, don't tell my wife! She thinks everything is just like it used to be and I'm going to get ripped off by another MLM scam (& yes it has happened too many times before.) You Promise? Our 31 years of bliss might be at stake. Shhhh! Her hearing is great and she would not believe you if you told her that WAU is for REAL! Larry
I received a lot of positive comments on each of my last 3 blogs. Many included the word creative or creativity. Because we have so many creative folks at WAU I thought it would be fun and possibly profitable if we had a challenge and compiled a slew of creative ideas. So the challenge is: Submit below 1-2 of your best ideas or suggestions that you think are creative and that will help a lot of other WAUers be more successful. They should be relatively brief and specific. They should be sub
Ever hear of a "Sizzle Card?" They go by different names but the one I LOVE is a $100 bill. You copy a $100 bill (come on--your a WAUer) making it a tad larger or a tad smaller to keep this moneymaker legal. Then on the best side (?) of it white out a good portion of it; On a blank sheet of paper create your typed out mini-ad with your phone number on it, cut it out and paste it on top of the whited out area of the $100 bill. NOW! For the fun part - Do a double side copy of that bill. A
It's not rocket science to make and then tape 2-3 homemade signs to your car windows. Your (black lettering on white paper) signs could be as simple as (and mine read) "Great Jobs!" Call 123 123-4567 Be safe and arrange signs so they do not block your vision if they are posted while you are driving. Once, in a 4 hour period I got 38 calls. My car was parked (strategically) in an empty parking lot, very close to a busy (It was 2-6pm) four lane street, very close to traffic light, very near a
Keep breathing (every day) and frequently: (1) Study it (2) Learn it (3) Apply it (4) Followup on it. - it = WAU's principles, guidelines and truths Note:There is no charge for this 4 step $1,000,000+ formula. However, If you haven't already, I do ask that you scan thru my (too long?) profile so that we can be better buddies and help one another. Thanks Larry freedomforus PS If time permits you might get an idea or two from my nearly finished web site at
I knew it would happen (Somewhat related - but is a true lie true or is a true lie false?) and it did. A WAUer recently accused me of having the longest WAU profile in WAU history. I'm so close, I'm more than a little biased. Need yer help! Whatchathink??? Am I guilty as charged? Be honest now. My whole ego might be at risk! Thanks Larry PS If time permits you might get an idea or two from my (too long?) profile at freedomforus and/or my new but nearly finished web site at h
Please ignore the clothed or naked above. Really - I'm 74! I'm also an active WAUer and a great believer in "First impressions mean a lot!" Had a couple of mug shots (A Walmart special) made the other day. I need to use the best one for my profile (freedomforus), my website, Google etc. It's important to me to pick the one that appeals to the most folks. At my profile are the two shots. Please tell me which you prefer - with or without glasses??? Thanks for your help. You may have contr