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Last Update: November 06, 2020

That's right. The doubt and fear you are feeling, the inner voice says its a scam, its only working for them, but not me. Its only your inner battle if you should take a chance or not. IT'S YOU VS YOU!. No one else. Wealthy Affiliate has done some major changes. And now it's time to join up with Wealthy Affiliate.

Only you can hold yourself back…only you can help yourself. – Mikhail Strabo

Blog Writing For Money

This I have concluded with the only way to make money, is to earn money online. I have tried dropshipping once with no success at all.

That was my own fault really. If I knew back then the things I know today, thanks to the trainings I got at Wealthy Affiliate, and private coaching, I know things had been different. However, I also found other paths. Affiliate marketing and network marketing.

I Just lost money I didn’t have on my dropshipping journey. So I kept searching on Google “how to make money online for free”.

There I found a lot of scams of how to make 6 figures online in short of amount of time with no work etc.

I signed up for a Membership At Wealthy Affiliate, an internet community platform who provides courses and have a lot of knowledge of how to provide income with hard work online. I Needed free and legit way to reach my goals. is a result of what I have learned from them on how to build my own website.

With this website and the through the training I got, I want to help people to realize there are opportunities out there to make money, regardless of the situation they’re in.

You can have a mentor who tell you what to, when to do it and how to do it. But only you can dive in and implement what you have learned.

The Objections.... We Have All Heard Them. Even Used Them!

  • But I don't have the money. (You can sign up for FREE!)
  • But I don't have the time. (Everyone got 24 hours a day. If people with a family life, full time job and hobbies can squeeze in 30 minutes to a couple of hours a day, you can do it too. Just skip the time you watch Netflix, wake up a little bit earlier and go to bed later.)
  • But I don't have anything to sell. (You can have a full time business only by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.)
  • But I'm not a salesperson. You don't need to be a salesperson. Only a marketer. And learn some basic buying psychology.)
  • But I don't want to bother friends and family.(You don't need to sell anything. Just market Wealthy Affiliate.)
  • But I can't do this because I'm not tech savvy. (Wealthy Affiliate offering a step by step training that is easy to understand. I didn't know anything about how to build a website, how to get traffic to my website, or what a plug in was before I joined Wealthy Affiliate.)
  • But I can't do this, because I already have a business. (Awesome! Then you can expand your current business with a website, or learn how to offer more service within your current business and increase your revenue.
  • But I can't do this because I'm not sure it will work for my business. (If it will work for x amount of people, people who have a brick and mortar business, people who are into MLM, People who are affiliate marketers for other programs.... millions of people.... why wouldn't work for you? Trust me when I say it WILL WORK for YOU too!)

THE AHA Moment

I have just started One Funnel Away Challenge because I needed to learn more about funnels. And one thing that I have never thought about, but yet makes a lot of sense.

You know the comedian Jerry Seinfeld? Have you ever seen one or several episodes and you think "wow, all of those jokes are really funny! How's that possible?"

Before any comedian gets good, they take 10 jokes, present them for an audience at a bar, or whatever. Only 2 are really funny and hit home. They keep those two good jokes and writing 10 more. Two out of the 10 new jokes are good and they now have 4 really good jokes out of 20 jokes. They keep going with this process until they have enough to go on TV, or a more high end comedy shows.

This is the way of online business as well. It's like this in everything you are doing in life. Its like if you blog here at Wealthy Affiliate as I'm doing right now....

Its Like your review of your new iPhone 12 pro at you website, your next email copy to your email subscribers, or your videos on YouTube. Even your Facebook post. The content may be bad, it may be OK, or it may be awesome.

That's up to the readers, the followers or the viewers to decide. But you need a lot of content to find out what's good, then you can work from there. Start with 10 blogs. Take the 2 best one and work from there.

Now, it's time to join Wealthy Affiliate if you already haven't done that yet. There has been a HUGHE makeover of the platform and the possibilities are even bigger. If you hurry up to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, there is even more exciting stuff happening, so sign up before you miss out on the opportunity.


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