Whats The Best Traffic Sources?

Last Update: October 28, 2020

What's The Best Traffic Sources?

Which pond are you fishing in? A red sea, or in a blue ocean? Are you fishing in the right pond? Do you fish with a fishing rod, or do you have several boats at sea?

Is your traffic quality traffic and raving fans on your email list, or do you just have thousands of followers on YouTube that are just fans of your cat videos?

Quality Traffic

By now you should get where I'm getting at. That's right, quality traffic compared to... well, to put it nicely, not quality traffic.

you see, I experiment with several kinds of marketing strategies.

I have bought solo ads, I have shooting videos on Tiktok and just shared written content.

Now here's a disclaimer. I haven't tested out for a lengthy period of time. I'm not scientific in my methods by any means.

How To Get Referrals

So this must be taken with a grain of salt. Maybe the results would be a whole different story if I have tested out, let's say 3 months with solo ads, 3 months with blogging only, and 3 months by shooting videos.

Yet, I wanted to share something extraordinary happened in the past 2 days.

First I found a very good blog post here at Wealthy Affiliate that I shared. The day after I got 2 new referrals. Yesterday I got one more.

I must say that they haven't signed up for premium membership yet, but by sharing that post alone and the link got me 22 clicks.

I can't be 100 % sure it was because of that post I landed 3 referrals. However, it was too big of a coincidence.

Is Videos The New King?

Now, the past 14 days or so I have been active on Tiktok. And it amazed me how fast you get eyeballs on your videos. Over 1500 views in one week! But only 20 views on my profile. Maybe 4 clicks or so.

How about solo ads? I never buy traffic, or any form of lists from private people what so ever. Only from providers inside other programs. At this time of being I have around 340 or so people at my email list.

It has been almost around between 3-17 people who have open the emails. And occasionally some of them have clicked the links. So this has been very evenly since I created my AWeber account.

So my conclusion thus far, by those randomly observations, is that written quality content has a slightly edge. It may not get the most views, but its better with 10 interested eyeballs compared to 1000 views that doesn’t drive traffic to your offers.

Now, I have some special to share with you. I currently wait for a new book. The traffic secrets. I'm sure you know what book I'm talking about.

Looking forward to implementing more of that and learn more about funnels for my business. The 30 to 60 next days are going to be exciting one!

Do you have any traffic secrets to share? Let us know what sources of traffic you use for your business!

all the best,

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roysinOnline Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing a very good post, Fred. An interesting experiment you are doing. I have been posting on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In on a regular basis. But the acitivity hasn´t been laser targeted latley. But it seems that the best result has been from Pinterest.

Looking forward to read further updates on your experiment.

Great signature, Fred!

Fredeim88 Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience the different platforms. I also post on Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as Facebook. Those are my main platforms. I have discovered that Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook yeld most followers, but the most click on the link comes from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Thanks for your kind words and keep an eye for new posts 😊
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, Fred! Congrats on those referrals, my friend! Well done!

Fredeim88 Premium
Thanks, I'm not jumping of excitement just yet. However I think that the findings are interesting nonetheless.

It would be interesting to really try it out and experiment on this in the long run. However, I'm an impatient person. One big weakness in our industry....

I just need to change things around from time to time to keep up with the motivation. However, that's also why I'm not rich.... yet.
JeffreyBrown Premium
That's the spirit, Fred!

Fredeim88 Premium
Everything is possible! 😎
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true, indeed, Fred!

Aussiemuso Premium
My best source of traffic is Pinterest.
Lily 😁🎶
Fredeim88 Premium
I'm sure that's a wonderful resource for traffic when you know how to leverage it.

I have tried Pinterest, and that’s the platform I personally had least success with.

But that’s because I don't know how to leverage it properly.