Software Engineer Start Up

Last Update: July 09, 2021

Learning as fast as I can. There are just a lot of options and choices to make. How to get traffic to the pages? is the biggest question...Best of luck to one and all.

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Frank , welcome to wealthy affiliate , no need to rush , go at you best possible pace
Remember it's a business you have started and you is the CEO / BOSS
So need to rush because rushing is bad , there is a high possiblity you may over look something and has to back ,
Nice one Frank
A wonderful start
Newme202 Premium
It is lovely to have you here. You don't need to rush to create your website, nor your learning.

I know that it seems as of everything is fast paced here but that doesn't have to be that way

It is ok to take things at your own pace.
Enjoy your learning, ask questions and get all your clarification.

Wishing you success on your journey
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
Write a ton of related content and interlink them as explained in the training and you will see traffic grow steadily. You are just starting the journey but must walk every step in the right order.
countrylife Premium
Super welcome to WA.
I am Lula and pleased to meet you.