Pretty Links Plugin or Not

Last Update: July 18, 2021
Use Pretty Links Plugin?
Alright, the Pretty Links plugin is a great way to hide long links and affiliate codes. You are able to create a short name and replace the ugly long links on all the pages using the same link. Then when you have to change the link, you only need to change it in one place in the Pretty Links plugin and all of the pages on your site will redirect visitors using the changed link.

So, say your affiliate link is, then you can create a pretty link like

The cool part that I found is that if I copy the page to another site, say, like I scraped my site to copy, then the pretty links still work at the new site! So if someone decides to copy your content, they will be giving you free clicks to your affiliate links. Go ahead make me money!

Or Not?

So, should you hide your long links and affiliate codes? Do your visitors think you might be hidding something bad under those short name links? With today's incidents of malware and malicious actors on the rise, there is a rise of paranoia and a greater need to trust web links to perform as expected. The rule that is taught now is - first mouse over the link to see where it is going before you click. "Look before you leap..."

So, be sure to build trust with your visitors. Be honest and share great content that is useful to your visitors and they'll help you build a trusted site.

Let me know your opinion of Pretty Links or if you need guidance on how to set this up on your site.
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GeoffreyC1 Premium
When someone sees a link and click on it, do they really care how long it is?
Newme202 Premium
I use it all the time in my blogs and on Facebook
I find that it does not beak Facebook or Google rules and it is quite efficient as well
franknrob Premium Plus
Great to know! Efficiency counts when we're trying to work smart.
Newme202 Premium