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Last Update: July 12, 2021

Niche selection is easy for some who have a passion that connects well with some affiliate markets. I have been a generalist for my entire career in IT. From building computers, writing software, creating databases, making websites for others and more. Even trading stocks I stick with the general ETF QQQ and avoid specific stocks for volatility sake.

So, now that I want to focus on a niche within a market, I find myself overloaded with ideas. This can be a better than having nothing to work with but also causes a battle within my mind over which can be effectively monetized.

Some say to search for what people are researching on Google and start there (5,000,000 searches a minute). They are right. But again, the question is how to isolate the right niche for me to focus on and become a content expert.

Kyle's tutorial - The Diamond Traffic Program - has some great guidance on how to use google's own engine to find out what people are looking for. You just need to spend a few minutes brainstorming words and phrases to begin with. Then you can use either Jaaxy or Ahref to refine what niches might be better to focus on. Then of course you will want to look for affiliates that compliment the chosen niche.

So, I plan on rolling the dice, then asking my wife to choose the best niche :) See you in my next post... The niche growth.

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Rebekah272 Premium
What i did was i wrote down what i liked talking about and rated them from 1-10 1 being not my favorite thing and 10 being the best to write about.

And my mom (Who is on here too) Told me to read up on many ideas i might like.
franknrob Premium Plus
Hi Rebekah, thanks again for the help with niche selection. I still have trouble narrowing down my selected niche. I just have too many choices in mind. I'm hoping to hit on it by keeping up with writing content so maybe a topic will shine a light on the right track to take.

Thank you,
Frank , the best niche for you when starting out is the one that you most passionate about , but this advice is a good one now ,
After couple months at wealthy affiliate you may decide on having website for more than one Niche
Because your favourite niche may not be profitable , so this happen sometime example
You may in the software nice and then you realise , wow
I learn a lots about pets and I also have a dog
So you may have a pet niche website after a while
I hope you understand exactly what am saying
Nice one Frank
franknrob Premium Plus
Hi Hentley, I've been revisiting the niche selection process again and took the time to come back and read your advice.

I really get what you said and appreciate it even more now.

Thank you,
Newme202 Premium
Niche selection is probably the most important activity that will be responsible for your success on your online business

Market research is absolutely a must before you choose a niche

Ensuring that your niche is in a competitive market and there are high and medium affiliate products is a huge factor in your own success

Then comes ensuring that you have your target audience and that your content consist of speaking from the point of view of your target audience.

There is a lot to be taken into consideration, apart from being passionate about it
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Welcome aboard
DivineGood Premium
Hello Frank,

Choosing a niche is a very personal
and private decision.

I do highly suggest choosing one
that you have more knowledge of,,
understanding and experiences
with as you are going to write
quality and valuable content.

It is best to take your time with
this as your site depends on you
and not others.

If you do have any questions on
anything related to your niche,
we have a lot of experts here
who can help you.

And so ask for wisdom.

God bless you.