The Secret

Last Update: February 20, 2017

Creation starts in the mind. I must see myself successful vividly in my mind first in order to make sure that's what I want and that energy that I give off into the universe will cause things to fall in place then the only thing is for me to do my part in making my thought turn into my reality. These are the natural universal laws that I operate by so what you think about that? I know I will succeed because I can see me already with my financial freedom, my time freedom, and my location freedom. Can you

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annie58 Premium
Thank you, Frankie. Holding that vision through thick and thin is the action required on a daily basis.
AchuthanN1 Premium
We can call this visualization?
rhudkins Premium
My mature side says - Great thoughts and glad you shared. My immature side reminds me I had visions like this back in the Woodstock days. Ah, fond memories.

Regards, Ron
FrankieTrill Premium
It's a new day and I New chance to bring something new into existence it never to late please know this which I know you wise enough to understand this peace
sherlock77 Premium
Very true.