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April 01, 2017
I will continue to engage and support the community and also continue to build a stronger network. I want to send my blessings of vision, persistence, and growth to the entire community. I encourage you to keep following the lessons and continue to Brand yourself and continue to pursue you bigger dreams and I will do the same. With love and understanding I leave you PeaceFrankie Trillz
March 31, 2017
I asked myself, "I'm I an asset or liability to my family, friends, and my business?" This is a testing question when a person understanding of what an asset is versus what a liability is. My easy understanding of an asset is a vehicle that brings value/cash flow and a liability is a vehicle the decrease value/takes cash. I have been bringing only positive energy to our WA community and that's my opinion but I need your opinion....I'm I an ASSET or LIABILITY to my WA family? Leave ASSET or LIAB
It through your adversities that your greatness is brought to the surface. I must say that we must fight and overcome all obstacle because in doing this we learn and grow from our adversities. Please continue to elevate yourself and uplift everybody you come in contact with and in doing this you will reap the same energy in your life. I LOVE you and I send you my blessing in abundance. PeaceFrankie Trillz
March 23, 2017
We all are born RICH at birth, these riches are not material. These riches resources are hidden on the inside of us. These precious treasures are worth more then gold. Most people never find or obtain this hidden treasure even though its our duties to seek and find this treasure buried deep inside of us. A wise man once said once you find and know how to bring your wealth of resources to the surface you will be able to manifest all types of prosperity in your life forever. These resources will
Peace WA Family,I am Frankie Trillz and I have put together a 3 part lesson plan for assist the people in society who cant afford to pay a credit repair company to repair their credit file. I call my lessons Frankie Trillz -Thoro Credit Repair Lessons. I just finish Lesson 2 of my 3 part lesson plan and I want to share Lesson 1 and 2 with the community.Please give me feedback so I can continue to be able to provide the best possible information I can. Thanks for the Love Peace! Links below:
I must say that I am not really into making small money so I am asking because I know somebody has already done the research. And WA say there is no bad question. What are the higher commission products with Amazon and what is the best way to market Amazon being an affiliate Where are the products we can become a licensed dealers to create a sale funnel that make nice commissions with?This is a company to become an affiliate and license their products below need more information go to my websi
March 05, 2017
Why is the right mindset so important? The right mindset is so important because this is what will separate the winners who will endure and persevere though all obstacles that comes in their way. it this positive and determined mindset that have a life driven purpose that allows them to overcome all the tough times and the ability to stay positive when everybody else is negative. My advice is to locate some positive mindset videos on youtube and listen to one of these everyday to increase your
I want to encourage everybody to connect with each other on the social site and on their website and like and share the page. Also Share email address so we can build our list and be able to keep in contact with a larger network. The power is in numbers. This will also allow our pages to experience more views by more of our friends and more people will visit our page. We have to do this for each other to boost our traffic because the cash flow comes from traffic so:This will be great and it wil
I want to encourage everybody to connect with each other on the social site and on their website and like and share the page. This will allow the page to be viewed by more of your friends and more people will visit your page. We have to do this for each other to boost our traffic because the cash flow comes from traffic so:That great and it always come back so I wanna send you my blessings of health wealth and prosperity and longevity please stay positive andCheck me out and like and share my l
February 28, 2017
I asked my self this while listening to Earl Nightingale and Les Brown telling me to sit down everyday and write down my goals for that day which should be taking me step by steps towards my 30, 60, 90 day goals as well as my 1 year goal. This will unlock the power within that Tony Robbins tells me about. So I must say this is keeping me accountable to myself and I am also making great progress because I know what I need done everyday and I just get it done like a should.Do you think this will