Forget “We’re Not Worthy” and “Party On" Instead!

Last Update: Sep 21, 2022

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Hi, WA Friends!

You might recognize the photo as the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne's World (sorry for the low image quality).

If you don't, you've probably heard Wayne's and Garth's two favorite expressions, “We’re Not Worthy” (when they meet Alice Cooper) and "Party On" (which they constantly say throughout the film).

Ok, so I watch ridiculous movies, but there's actually a point to this post.

Forget about "We’re Not Worthy!" We should always have confidence in our ability to succeed in everything we do!

Even if affiliate marketing is the most challenging thing you've ever done, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none, so keep on going, and you'll be the winner in the end.

Be sure to reward yourself after every win, and if the going gets tough, it's ok to take a little break.

That's the "Party On spirit," and it works every time!

Keep On Rockin' 🤘
Frank 🎸

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Recent Comments


I rejected Wayne's World for the longest time. Then I watched it and loved it --and also the Austin Powers movies, duh-- and I love the "party on spirit." On another note, I wonder if you would give me permission to quote your entire comment on my last blog post on the one working?

Really, Donna? You rejected both of them? 😵‍💫 😩

But then you saw the error of your ways! 👍 😊

They are dumb, but that’s what makes them funny! 😎

Yes, you can quote me in your next WA blog post.

I always look forward to reading what you write.

Party On! 🎉
Frank 🎸

Thank you, Frank. I may have to binge-watch a few of the "dumb" movies, including Jim Carey, though "Airplane" with Leslie Nielson may be the best (another story for another time, which you may, or may not enjoy). I think those movies are a whole lot smarter than a lot of mindless content comedies we presently have, and I think Jim Carey has gone off track, which makes me sad.

Thank you for your permission to show off your exceptional talent in my upcoming post.

Hi, Donna

Movie binge watching is a good thing! 👍 😊

I remember “Airplane,” with Leslie Nielsen. It was a very funny movie from the ‘80s. I’ll have to see if we can stream it.

I also like Leslie in “The Naked Gun” movies!

Jim Carey is one of my favorites, with the “Pet Detective” series and so many others! We watch his version of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” every year.

If I recall Jim had some serious problems with depression after his girlfriend died. It’s tragic.

I think Jack Black is very entertaining. I just rewatched the “School of Rock” this week. It reminds me of when I was that age in private school. I used to sit in the back of the class and look at music magazines when I got bored.

Thank You for your kind words!

I was born with musical talent, Praise The Lord!
Everything else I had to actually work for. 😵‍💫

Frank 🎸

My mother made me take piano lessons for six years, or so. She had the voice of an angel. None of her girls (3) has any musical talent. Go figure.

But for the piano lessons and my Yamaha Clavinova CVP-605, I Praise the Lord! I can make "heavenly" music on it even though I am dependent on sheet music.

Hi, Donna

I'm glad you continued with the keyboard throughout the years! See, those piano lessons really paid off!

Playing from sheet music is awesome! 😎
I play mostly by ear but can read music too.

"If she were a president she'd be called Baberaham Lincoln" 🤣
I loved that movie! I probably watched it a dozen times. The first time was at a drive-in in the 90's!🚗

And you are absolutely right, confidence in what we do is a sure way to success!
Quitters don't win - Winners don't quit!!!

Party on Frank 🎸😀

Hey, Denis!

You might have watched it even more times than I, and I’m the king of foolish movies!

I love it how people are remembering quotes and adding them in their posts!

Keep on Rockin’ 🤘
Frank 🎸

As a woman, I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I love those movies!! Party On!!

I love the quote that suzieq posted in her reply! "I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored." LOL!!!

Best wishes,
Karin 😎

Hi, Karin

No, No - That’s very cool that you love these movies! 👍

Sometimes you just have to let the stupid in, kick back, and have some fun. 😎

LOL!! I probably do that more than I should! Now I'm going to have to check Netflix and see if Wayne's World is on there!

Karin 😎

All right, Karin! 👍👍💯😎

I hate to say it but laughter IS the best medicine! 😵‍💫

Frank 🎸

I love to laugh!!


I love the message, Frank!

We often forget the reward ourselves and just have a good time!


Hey, Mike

Thanks for commenting!

My problem has always been pushing myself in the other direction, but the important stuff always gets done. 😎

Great message and a great film Frank!

Life's too short so we may as well live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment that we can!

Party on buddy!! 🍻🎉👍

Thanks, Nick!

I created my guitar website to be more like a musical hobby that would make money "someday," but it's slowly gaining traction with about 7,500 visitors a month.

There's much less pressure to succeed when you do it that way! 😎

Keep Havin' Fun, 🎉
Frank 🎸

You're very welcome Frank and that is a great way to go about things!

7,500 visitors a month is fantastic my friend and it will only increase more over time!

Keep Havin' Fun!!

Yeah, it’s pretty good for a site with 120 articles, but I worked hard to make them as helpful as possible. 😎

Helping is the name of the game my friend!

Wow, Frank, thats great traffic! What are you doing to attract such numbers?


Beats me, Rudy??

Just writing content.

Less than 10% of my traffic is from social channels, and no YouTube channel or paid advertising.

Not to be misleading, I do put a lot of time into writing my articles, like days!

I’m considering monetizing with Ezoic but I’ve heard their platform can really slow down a site.


Hey Frank,
A good analogy to persistent consistency. Never overlook the need to rest a while. Restis necessary to keep overwhelm away. Work and rest are a pair that should not be separated. Make sure to celebrate small wins as well as big wins.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Absolutely, Othnyel!

Work hard and play even harder is my motto!

We only have one life, so we have to use it wisely! 😎

Thanks for your excellent comment!

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