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Last Update: Dec 9, 2022

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Hi, WA Friends

This blog is sort of Part 2 of the one I wrote last month:

Are You Having Fun Writing Content?

Now that the weekend is upon us, do you have some amusing activities planned with your family and friends? Life is not all work, you know!

Maybe it's just me, but most likely, it's the influence of my wonderful family!

Let me explain if you're still with me.

I come from a blue-collar, extremely ethnic Italian upbringing. My dad was the only one who attended college on the GI bill after he got out of the Army. Most of my aunts and uncles didn't finish high school. Many started extremely successful businesses after returning from World War II.

They weren't overachievers, but they raised their families to succeed and enjoy life, "La Dolce Vita" (the sweet life), as they called it.

So, the drill was: Work Hard --> Fun --> MORE Fun --> Rinse And Repeat.

Growing up, my family belonged to five different country clubs. They golfed seasonally every weekend and played cards most nights at one of the clubs or at their special Italian hangout called "The Post." I joined one of those when I lived in Italy. It was called a "Dopo Lavoro" (translation: after work).

Any minor achievement was an excuse to have a big family party. For example, I remember getting an award in third grade for perfect attendance. It was a stupid little framed certificate with my name typed on it. The entire family (both sides, 16 aunts and uncles, grandparents, plus nieces and nephews) got together and had the party from hell, complete with an Italian band and their country club friends; at least 40 people!

They used that band so much that they eventually played for free at every family event and loved participating in the festivities!

Right now, my cousins, nieces, and nephews are all excited because they're gearing up for "La Vigilia Di Natalie," which you might know as the Christmas Eve "Feast Of The Seven Fishes." Except for us, it's more like The Feast Of The 70 fishes (ok, I'm exaggerating a little)!

I'm sure you get the idea at this point. Speaking of "point," I learned at a young age that no matter how much work is to be done, there's always time for fun! That methodology got me through college, medical school, and two master's degrees.

Schedule fun into each day, even if it's just for one hour. Life is short!

So, what fun do you have planned this weekend? We're seeing two big Christmas light shows with our usual Italian culinary overindulgence!

Keep On Rockin'! 🤘
Frank 🎸

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Hi again, Frank. I saved this one too for a later read-- and I am glad I did. Your Italian family stories are my favorite. You guys all seem to have more fun and more energy than anyone I've ever heard of. I'm sure your holidays will be off the walls. Awesome.

Hi, Donna

I like to compare my family to the Italian version of the movie “My Greek Wedding.”

If you’ve never seen it put it on the list!

They are truly the fun side of chaos. 😎

Frank 🎸

I have seen it, and that’s kind of how I pictured it.

Haha - Then you’ve met my family, Donna! Never, ever, a dull moment, but always entertaining! 😎

Frank 🎸

Hoping to take my kids and their kids to see Disney on Ice this year.
We did Ice Capes in 2019 and then had family gathering afterwards.
We have a huge family, so it takes a lot of preparation.

There are very few pure breeds in my clan.
It's a United Nations kind of thing.
But tons of fun. The family tree has grown so big.

I am African/West Indian/Cherokee

Go figure!

Gonna have a hallelujah time!
I love these folks, too

Oops, my bestie is Filipino, and she has parties' year-round.
Paulita is super amazing. We are joined at the hip.


Hi, Rachele

That's a fabulous idea, and I'm sure it will be a crazy amount of fun for everyone!

It sounds like you have "my kind of family" situation, which makes you truly blessed!

What a wonderful "genetic mix" you have! 😎

I like to call myself "Italian" (my grandparents on both sides were born in Naples, Italy), but a DNA test would undoubtedly reveal my true ethnic cocktail!

In the end, there's only one kind of person on this planet, homo sapiens!

Have an excellent Holiday Season! 🎄🎅 🎸
Frank 🎸

I learned a new keyword...ethnic cocktail 🧑‍🎄🤶

Being married to an Italian, I am familiar with the celebration Frank🎸

When they get together, it seems like a hundred people in a room of about 15. Everybody’s talking louder than the other. The party like there’s no tomorrow! They mangia like it’s their last meal! But they are loads of FUN , as the Filipinos party the same way!

So imagine the conglomeration of 2 cultures!
That will be us on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day🎄

That sounds fabulous to me, Maria! 👍

Happy Holidays!
Frank 🎄🎸

It will be so festive! The entire house smells the aroma of different foods!! Air filled with the sound of crackling laughter!
Everybody’s looking forward to the once a year event!!!

It sounds like the house I grew up in, Maria, and that kind of festive activity happened every month! 😎

Back when I was in the Philippines, similar festivities happened every month. As we have close family ties, our parents and uncles made sure that we all grow up knowing every cousins.

And I was blessed to be married to the same culture, so the party life goes on!!!😁😎

That’s excellent, Maria! 👍

Have as much fun as you can with your family and friends! 😎

Frank 🎸

Well we are going to spend a day at Universal Theme Park and take in the Christmas festivities!

Have a great Frisatsu! (We both know Jeff will see that ;-) )

Have a fun memorable time.

Thank you!


Wow, Mike!

That's a great idea!

Have fun with the awesome Christmas displays! 🎅😎

Happy FriSatSu!
Frank 🎸

Thank you Frank!


I love this, Frank! My wife is Turkish, and the approach to life is similar.

This week we have had 2 family birthday celebrations, one celebration of a new baby "en route" to arrive in June 2023 and one tomorrow there will be another birthday celebration with a lot of friends in the house.

Enjoying every minute of it. Nobody what tomorrow brings, so it is important to go all in and live in the now :-)


Hey, Roy

Isn't it special to have that kind of life? What's better than great family and friends?

Have an awesome time! 😎
Frank 🎸

Yes, it is special :-) Added to the mix of is the love of song and dance in Turkish culture. There is a lot of singing and a lot of dancing, and if you don´t join the dance, someone is coming to fetch you to join.


And that's the way it should be, Roy!

There's no shyness in my family, either! 😎

Frank 🎸

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