Progress After Ten Days

Last Update: June 07, 2018

So, today is day number 10 of me being a part of the WA community. The process has been really enjoyable so far.

My website is set up and has a few good articles on it. I wasn't sure I would be able to write like The process has been really enjoyable so far. I guess it really isn't as hard as I had thought it would be.

Surprisingly, I have really enjoyed the step by step tutorials and I am looking forward to putting some finishing touches on my site. I have had the pleasure of looking at other websites and I am completely impressed with the content and work some members here have put into their sites.

The sense of commradary and warm welcomes have truly impressed be about the WA community. I must admit I was a little reserved when I first joined the community and everyone was talking about the support from with this community. Surely, this is just what everyone says but once you have been in for a while you see otherwise.

Well I'm glad I was wrong about that. The WA community has given me a lot of kind words and notes of encouragement. I can see how the support from other members really helps everyone to be successful and it is nice to have that level of support.

Every day now I start a new task and I look forward to writing more content. I'm looking forward to taking some of my own photos for the site. I'm also excited to add some YouTube videos as well.

It has been a really enlightening ten days. I hope to continue to succeed with my online business and in this wonderful community.


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garydlc Premium
Great going Franchesca, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, and here's to your continued success.
FranchescaK Premium
Thank you very much!