Help- What Do You Do When You Have Writers Block?

Last Update: July 12, 2018

UGH!! I'm almost at my whits end. I would rather think of something else to do other than write a new post.

At this point I can come up with 5 new niches to write about other than the one I'm doing now. It is frustrating when it is such a strain to come up with a new topic to write about. Is there some kind of trick to coming up with new topics?

I enjoy writing about my niche I just feel like I have hit the end of the road and I don't want to fill my website with junk!

Who has an exercise they do that helps them come up with new topics?

Surely, there is something that I can do to help me come up with new topics. What can I do to get my creative self going again?

I'm afraid I'm going to wonder off my writing and onto another website soon If I don't figure it out. Please leave me some feedback in regard to this. All help is greatly appreciated!



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RDulloo Premium
Don't worry! It happens to me sometimes too.

One tip I can give is to look for actual products within your niche and write reviews about them. I'm not sure if you are affiliated with Amazon, or other affiliate programs, but reviewing products, I find, never runs me dry.

I hope this helps!
FranchescaK Premium
Thank you, I'm already compiling a list. ; )
MikeMahaffey Premium
A few things I can do to keep myself with something to write about:

1. Google my niche, and start going through websites in the same or similar niches to look for ideas

2. Go to sites in my niche and look for comments. If they have comments some of them can yield great results for something to write about

3. Use the Jaaxy kw tool and search out topics to write about

4. Read this entire post for some great kw ideas 5. There's another little spoken of way to get content ideas that I use and it's PLR.

I can search for plr in my niche and find anywhere from 5 - 20 articles for $5 to as much as I care to pay.

Generally it's not a good idea to merely post the articles. but I can spend $7 on a plr pack and get many ideas floating around in my head from them.

With premium Plr I can re-write a 7-8 hundred word post and wind up with a 1500- 2000 word post.

6. Search Facebook groups in your niche and look for ideas

7. search for forums in your niche

I highly advise against starting a new niche when you are out of ideas. I can tell you from plenty of experience you will wind up with more niches that you need ideas for, and thats just more problems
FranchescaK Premium
Thank you for that. Unfortunately, my brain wants to wonder off and write about all of the other niches that I wish I would have wrote about but I know this is not a good idea.
Zarina Premium
We've all been there! Personally, this writing exercise helps me a LOT: Also another tip I learned a while ago is to write let's say 300 words a day (or set your own maximum), so that you don't burnout. Writing for 5 days just 300 words will give you a 1200 word article. Easy-peasy.

Overall, it's just getting started the hardest part. If you feel after 5 minutes that it just doesn't come, then probably best to move to another task until your mind is fresh. Try the free-writing technique though! In my experience it works wonders (using good old pen and paper).
FranchescaK Premium
Thank you, I will definitely try this.
HavenJames Premium
Hi Franchesca. It happens to everyone, so don’t stress it too much.

When I am stuck, I like to dive into editing previous posts. It improves, and keeps me engaged with, my content and I usually find an idea or two that I touched on, but could be developed into its own post.

I also browse the heck out of other sites, trending topics that apply to my niche, etc. make sure to write down any ideas that come to mind at all. They may not seem great now, but you never now when it will be useful.

Also, just keep writing. If it’s junk, don’t publish it. Edit it later and add better content. I get stuck when I feel like I need to publish something immediately and feel like the first draft needs to be good. It doesn’t.

I think it was Doris Kearns Goodwin who said, “I wasn’t a good writer, but I was a terrific editor.”

Keep writing,
FranchescaK Premium
That is awesome, thank you. :)
Zarina Premium
By the way, editing old posts is a great idea too! I feel it gives me inspiration to create new content when you see how awesome your old content was (or became after editing it) ;)
asmithxu Premium
One thing that you can do is just free write some stuff that you think is cool about your niche. Don't worry about if it is stuff that you have already written about- just free write for about 15 minutes.

Another thing that you can do is go through your old posts and see if you can find topics there. The internal links lesson from the bootcamp course is great for this. Here is the link down below. You can also go to quora or a forum and look at questions related to your niche.

If all else fails, you can take time off from writing articles and just focus on gathering comments and learning from the live webinars for a few days. Comments still add content to your website and it will give your brain some time to process.
FranchescaK Premium
Great, I will check this out.