Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse

Last Update: July 26, 2018

My dad use to always tell me, "Don't put the cart before the horse, Franchesca."

That saying has stuck with me this week as I have learned my first painful learning lesson here at WA with my first website.

I have just completed my online certification and I have been extremely antsy in regard to my website and wanting to set up a WooCommerce site to sell products.

I have been searching for help here at WA in regard to how I should set up this new site and I somehow ended up watching all of Chris Scott's training videos. (All of which were good)

However, they ended a little short in the way of SEO and explaining the whole setup for payments and options etc. I won't go into detail why they ended because that is not really relevant.

I ended up setting up a WooCommerce shop on my first site, that I at the initial shop setup had 17 post on. This may sound good to you but there is more.

Over a period of one to two weeks I wrote ten more articles. Ten articles!!

For a newbie just getting into the groove of writing that is a lot.

Newbie's, pay attention learning experience here.

I started noticing that my articles weren't getting indexed by Google anymore. Yikes! I started asking for comments on my articles that weren't indexed and spending time giving comments.

That consumed about a week's worth of my time before I decided that wasn't enough. So, I began digging deeper and looking for help through WA and online.

Unfortunately, there really is a lack of help or articles around WooCommerce here at WA. There is a few training and blogs around the basic set up but I started noticing that after that, I was on my own.

Upon doing my research I stumbled upon this article WooCommerce SEO Optimization. This was very insightful, and for those of you who have a WooCommerce site, take a look.

After much deliberating, it was clear what I was to do. I created a separate domain and moved my WooCommerce over to a separate domain. Wow!! I could have created a lot of new content in all of this time.

"I never lose, I either win or I learn."

After only an hour of the WooCommerce being deleted off my original site, my articles started getting indexed!!

Yep, I had three articles get indexed in one day. It was like the magic started happening again on my site.

Moral of the story, don't put the cart before the horse!! Slow down, do your research and take your time. Learn from me and don't miss out on two weeks worth of website traffic!!

I hope this helps some other newbie's out there who are considering WooCommerce. :)



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Texpart Premium
Great Post!! It is so hard not to be ansty!!
capri16 Premium
Franchesca, Very interesting post!
CandP Premium
Great post, Franchesca, very helpful.
Love the quote "I never lose, I either win or I learn." Nelson Mandela we think?
Colette and Philip
FranchescaK Premium
Thank you! I can’t recall who the original author of that quote was but I absolutely love it. :)
kehaiz1 Premium
Thanks . A common sense move for goid results. I need to rethink the presence of WooCommerce to my site. I have not seen google indexing for a while now. I will give it a check. Thanks for sharing.
FranchescaK Premium
Yes, the SEO is much more advanced. I highly recommend separating the two sites.

Good luck!
Marsh71 Premium
Thank you Franchesca, nice one! Have a great day . Mahesh