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My dad use to always tell me, "Don't put the cart before the horse, Franchesca." That saying has stuck with me this week as I have learned my first painful learning lesson here at WA with my first website. I have just completed my online certification and I have been extremely antsy in regard to my website and wanting to set up a WooCommerce site to sell products. I have been searching for help here at WA in regard to how I should set up this new site and I somehow ended up watching all of Chri
UGH!! I'm almost at my whits end. I would rather think of something else to do other than write a new post. At this point I can come up with 5 new niches to write about other than the one I'm doing now. It is frustrating when it is such a strain to come up with a new topic to write about. Is there some kind of trick to coming up with new topics? I enjoy writing about my niche I just feel like I have hit the end of the road and I don't want to fill my website with junk! Who has an exercise they
June 26, 2018
Wow! Friday was a good day. Yes, Gary Vee told me that I had a good post. Ok, I know it wasn’t really Gary Vee but it was someone who works for him. Backing up in my week let me please explain my excitement. I just started with WA at the end of May. I became a premium member on June 1st. I have been diligently writing content for my website and I'm noticing my writing is getting better. I recently wrote an article about a product that VigLink said was trending. If you don't use VigLink yo
6-19-18 - Less than a monthIn my last blog I was feeling uncertainty about my niche. Today only a few days later I am feeling much better about my niche website. I decided to view the way I felt as a learning curve. I am not the kind of person who just gives up on things. I am known to be very reliable, dependable and hard-working. So, I have pressed on and I am continuing with my niche. It is about beauty and skin care but I am passionate about these things. I have been a licensed cosmetologis
Today something unexpected happened. I decided since I wouldn’t have time to write an article, I would at least try to get some comments on my site and I would give some comments in return. I looked at the first site to leave a comment and after reading an article I was surprisingly, speechless. I wasn’t completely interested in the theme of the site. But overall the article really didn’t say anything to me. I felt confused. The author was confused himself I think. I felt bad
June 07, 2018
So, today is day number 10 of me being a part of the WA community. The process has been really enjoyable so far.My website is set up and has a few good articles on it. I wasn't sure I would be able to write like The process has been really enjoyable so far. I guess it really isn't as hard as I had thought it would be. Surprisingly, I have really enjoyed the step by step tutorials and I am looking forward to putting some finishing touches on my site. I have had the pleasure of looking at other