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August 28, 2019
I am glad to be here. However, I have to take a break because of too many commitments at this time. I will be ending my membership.I hope to be back.All the best to everyone!Funmilayo Owolabi
Genetic factor is just one of the risk factors of chronic diseases. In fact, studies have shown that genetic factor only play a smaller part in the risk factors. What play the major roles are your lifestyle choices and eating habits. Living healthy is mostly a choice you can make and this choice will benefit you immensely.Eat healthy- High protein diet, high fiber, right amount of carbohydrate- choose whole grain foods, lots of fruits & vegetables, drink lots of water, drink milk, avoid unh
Stress affects us all, and it can affect our lives negatively. Stress is a normal reaction to the increasing demands of life. Entrepreneurs often face the pressures of the ups and downs of growing a business. Identifying and managing stress can help us to cope with the challenges of life.Three Steps to Manage your Stressors DetermineDetermine the current stressors in your life by paying attention to your body and recognize the signals. Know when you need a break and be able to balance your work